Remember This? [UPDATE #2]

Can You remember this game from one single, tiny part of a screenshot? I'm thinking you can - since you folks defeat me every single bloody day of my life! If you guys don't get this by 3pm, I'll chuck up another part of the screenshot for your perusal. Good luck!

Here's a second part of the screenshot!

Hahahaha! You guys look like you need a third update -- don't say I'm not good to you!


    Puppetry of the Penis: Shadowpuppet Edition?

    Virtua Fighter on Sega Saturn?

      Wait.. no.. it's too high res for that.. damn it

    Guess 2

    Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi?

      That game was bad ass!

        No it was just plain BAD.

          It had a fair bit of ass.

          Still kinda fun in a "generic fighting game with star wars skins" kinda way

    Battle Arena Toshinden?

      Since you took my guess, I'm going to go with Battle Arena Toshinden 2

    Kinda reminds me of Time Crisis...

    Mmmhm... first impressions are Chronicles of Riddick (original version) or maybe Doom 3 on a shitty computer? I'm basically going on contrast though... could even be FEAR... or I could be on the completely wrong track, haha.

    Aw man - I think this might be my best one yet!

      So if it remains unanswered, be sure to leave it popping up every single day while you're away!

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