Resistance 3's Alternate Cover Is For People Who Adore Box Art, Not Logos

Insomniac Games' PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance 3 has some of the best, some of the classiest box art of the year, thanks to beloved British graphic designer Olly Moss. Better still? You won't have a visually wade through a sea of logos to enjoy Moss' work.

In a welcome move for box art enthusiasts, Insomniac and Sony will offer a "clean/logo-free inlay/reversible cover" that lets you ignore the ESRB rating, PlayStation Move support badging and logos for the developer, publisher and PlayStation Network. This is pure, 100% box art, front and back, without any of the filler as seen on the dev's official Twitter. More of this, please, developers and publishers!

Resistance 3 hits the PS3 in North America on September 6.


    Very cool. I've got to say I've ignored the last two Resistance games. I got Resistance 2 as a gift but never finished it. I just couldn't get into it for some reason. The more I hear about 3 though, the more I think I'm ready to give it a go.

      The second one was a step down from the first, the changes they made took away alot of the unique features Resistance had.

      This third looks to return alot of the original features (weapon wheel! :)), so I can't wait.

      Love the fact they are doing reversible covers, although I'm getting the Special Edition, so mine will be a steelbook, but as the article mentions more games should have this.

        Disagree, I think it depends on the order you play them. I played 2 first, and found the original difficult to control. Good plot, but not as pretty or interesting as 2.

    Now that's a rare/lucky job for a graphic designer. We usually get bombarded with copy and logos in an effort to try and make it all fit ;-)

      It's actually nice to see some cover art that isn't bombarded with developer/publisher logos all over it.

      It also looks very similar to the cover of a 500 page novel. Hardback too, none of that paperback crap.

    They're doing something similar with the Ico/SotC collection, aren't they?

    They bloody well better be *shakes fist*

    I am aesthetically pleased.

    Oh cool. They actually went ahead with the Olly Moss artwork. I thought that was just concept.

    Well played!

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