Rick Perry’s Idea Of American Ingenuity Is A Canadian Video Game

Rick Perry’s Idea Of American Ingenuity Is A Canadian Video Game
Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry is as wholesome and American as they come. He believes in hard work, patriotism, faith in god, and good old American ingenuity, even if we have to import it from Canada.

Rick Perry’s first web video since joining the presidential race is mostly as generic a political ad as they come. There’s something wrong in America, this man can fix it, here’s some wholesome imagery of that man doing things that shouldn’t piss anyone off — it’s a time-tested formula.

It’s the sort of time-tested formula you can easily fuck up by trying to go too high tech. In this brief clip from the political ad we see Rick looking over the shoulder of what looks like an employee of BioWare, the development arm of video game giant Electronic Arts (EA) responsible for creating epic fantasy role-playing titles. He points to an image from the company’s top-selling video game franchise, Mass Effect. He waves his hand, as if giving the person at the keyboard direction.

As he does this the voice over talks about Perry “unleashing the power of American ingenuity and innovation.” The words are strong, the images resonate with me as a part of the ever-growing geek culture.

Unfortunately, as part of that geek culture, I’m also aware that the branch of BioWare responsible for the Mass Effect franchise is based in Canada, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Suddenly the message loses some of its power. I mean sure, BioWare parent EA is a U.S. company, but one that maintains studios in Canada largely due to tax incentives and a strong pool of rising game development talent in the area.

American ingenuity: Employing Canadians for over a decade.

At least Perry picked a better video game franchise than fellow Republican candidate Herman Cain. We need a president that’s ready to select the right moral choices from the in-game dialog tree.


  • MAN! How pertinent to Australian gaming! I am glad Kotaku Aus took the time to repost this from what I assume was their US site…

    Oh-ho-ho-ho! I bet that guy (that, like myself, I am sure NO F*CKING AUSTRALIAN CARES ABOUT) has egg all over his face.

    Great article. A+. This plus a million.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Kotaku.

    • I’m Australian and I’m interested.

      Do you seriously not know or care about anything that happens outside of Australia? Maybe you should get into politics yourself – you sound like you could be Australia’s answer to Sarah Palin.

        • I actually used to watch both Countdown with Keith Olbermann (back on MSNBC, prior to his move to CurrentTV, which is not available outside the US), the Rachel Maddow Show (also on MSNBC), the daily show and the colbert report. Also to a lesser extent (not really news, more of an opinion show) Realtime with Bill Maher.

          So thank you, I am aware of who Sarah Palin is…

          While I have personally become burnt out on the farce that is American politics, (and to a lesser extent, the farce that is Australian politics); I have noticed, as have several others (as I have seen similar smart-ass comments like my own), that Kotaku Australia is posting more political crap on what is ostensibly a gaming news website. What is also, more ostensibly, an Australian branch of a gaming news site.

          If I want to get political news, or news about what else is happening in the world, then I will go elsewhere for that news.

  • Rick Perry is a potential President of the USA. And a wholly unfit one, to boot. Anything that shows this is fine by me.

    • Agreed he’s a typical corrupt chameleon.. wearing whatever camo will fool the public into believing his b.s.

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