Rise From Your Graves, It's Black Ops Rezurrection Day

It's time to strap on your space suit, dual-wield your space guns, and take out some space zombies on the moon, as Activision and Treyarch launch the all-zombie Rezurrection map pack for Black Ops on the Xbox 360.

What you see above is perhaps the most bizarre Call of Duty screenshot I've ever posted, complete with colourful anti-undead ordinance, mighty zero gravity jumping, and a lovely view of Mother Earth on the horizon. I like the moon. I like the moon because it's close to us.

But not so close that zombies would really be a threat. Zombies on Earth are bad because the planet is covered with thousands of years' worth of corpses, waiting to rise. The moon does not. They could probably just wait a few days and come back when the zombies have starved to death, if not for their hubris. Damn that hubris.

The Rezurrection map pack features the Moon map and four remastered zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War, and is available for purchase right now for 1200 Microsoft points.


    Are the zombies meant to look like German and Japanese soldiers from WWII?

      Only for the maps that are set in WWII. The moon (first three pics) is set after the cold war.

    That's right kids, bend over and let daddy Activision shove its hand up your piggy bank and pull out some more cash while you're distracted. Don't worry Aussies, we're only charging you 160% of the usual rip off price! :D

    Hey wait thats not cool.

    Altered beast quote ftw.

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