Rumour: 4 More Games Selected For ‘Nintendo Selects’ Budget Line

Rumour: 4 More Games Selected For ‘Nintendo Selects’ Budget Line

Wii owners, you may soon have four new games to play at budget-friendlier prices. According to retail sources, Nintendo will update its /”Nintendo Selects” budget line with Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy in August.

Currently the Nintendo Selects line includes just four games in North America: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Mario Super Sluggers. Nintendo is said to be doubling its $US19.99 priced line-up on August 28 with the above four games, according to retail sources.

Kotaku has contacted Nintendo of America reps seeking comment and clarification on the rumoured retail listings.


  • I see Nintendo continues its policies of making old stuff cheaper for new buyers while those who already own them or want new content… should wait for the Wii U which will be super awesome!

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t realise making old stuff cheaper for new buyers was a Nintendo exclusive policy? Thankyou for this revelation 0_o

  • I’ve been waiting for ages for Mario Galaxy 2 to come down in price. You still pay quite a premium for it new. Hopefully the discount will come down here too.

  • Nintendo lowering prices?

    Having said that, they were ok back in the GameCube days. But here in the UK you’ve still got to pay full whack (£30) for stuff like Mario Kart DS.

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