Rumour: 4 More Games Selected For 'Nintendo Selects' Budget Line

Wii owners, you may soon have four new games to play at budget-friendlier prices. According to retail sources, Nintendo will update its "Nintendo Selects" budget line with Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy in August.

Currently the Nintendo Selects line includes just four games in North America: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Mario Super Sluggers. Nintendo is said to be doubling its $US19.99 priced line-up on August 28 with the above four games, according to retail sources.

Kotaku has contacted Nintendo of America reps seeking comment and clarification on the rumoured retail listings.

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    I see Nintendo continues its policies of making old stuff cheaper for new buyers while those who already own them or want new content... should wait for the Wii U which will be super awesome!

      I'm sorry, I didn't realise making old stuff cheaper for new buyers was a Nintendo exclusive policy? Thankyou for this revelation 0_o

    I've been waiting for ages for Mario Galaxy 2 to come down in price. You still pay quite a premium for it new. Hopefully the discount will come down here too.

    Nintendo lowering prices?

    Having said that, they were ok back in the GameCube days. But here in the UK you've still got to pay full whack (£30) for stuff like Mario Kart DS.

    $19.99? Nice. That means that here in Australia it will drop from $90 to $70 /rolleyes

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