Runes of Magic Chapter IV: Classier Than Ever!

Runes of Magic is one of the best free-to-play MMOs on the market and last year it dished up local server love for Australian gamers. Now Chapter IV is live there’s more reasons than ever to dive in for the first time or come back and see what’s new.

Kotaku Australia interviewed Runes of Magic creator Tony Tang last year when the new Australian servers opened, and he offered great insight into the game and its focus on bringing ‘pay-to-play’ quality to the free-to-play scene.

Runes of Magic has always aimed to deliver fresh content on a regular basis, and Chapter IV (which went live June 16) with a wealth of new content as well as major updates to the world and character system.

You’ll now find over 3500 quests in Runes of Magic, and a new triple class system that gives full access to two classes at any time for a much broader set of combat options. Add two new starting zones and two new high level zones, plus new instances and a new public encounter — one of the ultimate PvE experiences in the game.

The Runes of Magic level cap has also increased to 67, further proving that Runes of Magic Chapter IV has ensured all players, new or veteran, will find a great deal to sink their teeth into.

Alongside Runewaker’s commitment to new updates every six months, Runes of Magic continues to deliver on the promise of offering everything you expect from pay-to-play in a free package.

All the scope, none of the price. Every MMO fan owes it to themselves to experience Runes of Magic to see how high the free-to-play bar has been set. [Runes of Magic]


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