Samus And Metroid Turns 25 Years Old

While Microsoft are making a big fuss over Halo's 10 year anniversary, and Nintendo itself highlighted Mario's 25th birthday, Samus and Metroid turned 25 over the weekend and I've barely heard a peep about it from anyone. This makes me a little bit sad.

You already know how much I love Metroid Prime, and the influence and quality of Samus' 2D outings is beyond repute - and the absence of any noise from Nintendo's end makes we worry about how the series will be treated in the future. Metroid: Other M and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption didn't exactly set the charts alight - so maybe we're on the cusp of a Metroid drought?

I hope not.

Anyways - the above video is a nice little birthday tribute vid from Metroid fans.


    Hell yeah! One of my favorite games is Metroid 2, followed closely by Super and then other M. Would have seriously loved something like a free soundtrack or a new game announcement to make it a special weekend.

    Wow after watching 1 minute of that video.. I feel like burning my metroid games.. what a buncha losers..

    it's sad that this is happening, but i guess nintendo are focusing on zelda, not metroid :(

    My opinion of course but Metroid is an overrated series.
    Just feels like another side scroller to me and i'm not a big fan of FPS's

    Hasn't and never will have the mass appeal of Mario or Zelda.

    Considering the piss poor attempts to celebrate Mario and Zelda it was obvious that Metroid wouldn't even get a look in.

    Although in saying that maybe they might release some of them on the 3DS or wii store.

      Metroid Fusion is one of the freebies for "Ambassadors", so that's something at least. Great game too.

      I don't really get how you can call it just another side scroller - maybe you don't like it, but it's basically it's own genre along with Castlevania 2.

      Just like Thom said about the side-scrolling games, Metroid Prime isn't an FPS. Again, it's pretty much it's own genre. I'd recommend giving the games another go, because I don't think you really understand what they are. If you've got a 3DS, then I implore you to at least download and check out Fusion via the Ambassador program.

      Thanks for not tearing me to shreds over my comment but honestly, i'm 36 and must have hundreds and hundreds of hours yet to be played on games i already own not to mention evrything else that gets released in the future.
      My point being, if i didn't like it back in the day, i'm too old and haven't enough time to put into games i feel indifferent about.

      Also, don't like castlevania, and i didn't mean FPS i meant FPP games. If someone gave me a copy of Portal i'd never play it.

    I wonder what a Metroid on Wii U would be like? :)

    Mario: Poorly emulated SNES game on the Wii.
    (The one without Super Mario World to boot!)

    Zelda: Nothing. Maybe an announcement of something in 2012.

    Metroid: Even less. Sad video.

    Way to respect your elders/job creators Nintendo.

      Exactly. I don't know who is calling the shots for this type of behavior but it's kinda making me reconsider Nintendo as a whole... even retroactively.

      Like... were they really geniuses that knew some ancient and wonderful secret about what I wanted and needed every christmas? Were all those games the products of talent and creativity formed into a well-oiled machine of awesome? Or was it all just luck and fate all along? Did they mean to make history? or did they fumble their way through it all, keeping us all fooled for years?

      I feel like I did after watching the 2nd Matrix movie... or Star Wars Episode One... I don't enjoy these feelings

    Would have been a perfect opportunity to cash in, maybe a Super Mario All-Stars style collection of all the 2D Metroids on a 3DS cartridge? Or release an upgraded version of Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer through wiiware?

    Metroid has always been my favorite game series, but it's really never been able to top Super Metroid.

    I really feel that the series lost its direction quite a bit without Yokoi, and Sakamoto probably shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the story, but the gameplay itself is still as excellent as ever.

    Seriously, I love Metroid. Super and Prime 1 especially will always have a special place in my heart. Kudos to all involved in the making of all games in the series and shame on you Nintendo for not even mentioning Metroid's 25th.

    Anyone who doesn't like the games - fair enough, different strokes an' all.
    To those who haven't play any? - Sort it out and play at least the two i mention above.

    Much love..

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