Saved By The Bell: The Video Game Is The Best Thing That Never Happened

You know, it was one of the great tragedies of the 1990s that we never got a Saved by the Bell video game on the SNES. One heavily inspired by the Earthbound series, in which you had to help Zack do whatever he did for 23 minutes an episode.

This clip, by the team of Benny Fine, Rafi Fine and Doc Octoroc (who also did the amazing 8-bit Twilight game from last year), shows how just such a game might have been handled, our blonde-haired hero inundated with his standard cries for help from a strangely dysfunctional, attractive group of friends.

The game wouldn't be too hard. Either a hug or a yell of THERE'S NO HOPE IN DOPE should get you through most situations.



      Looks like it was the wrong tags.

      The Demons Souls article probably has this one's tags.

    it's all part of the insanity :P

    Ew MIDI soundtrack. Where's the SNES soundchip :P

    that was class!!! fair play to the lads

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