Schoolgirl 3DS Portables You Can Fall In Love With

Love Plus, Konami's love simulator, is getting a 3DS version. It's new and called New Love Plus. New Love Plus means one thing: New 3DS bundles.

Actually, it means three new things. Because like Konami did for the DSi XL, the Tokyo game company is releasing three 3DS bundles, one for each of the Love Plus girls.

These special three 3DS bundles—"New Manaka Deluxe", "New Rinko Deluxe", and "New Nene Deluxe"—are limited and will be available via the online Konami Style shop.

The game recently brought failed upskirts to Japanese television.

Get ready to fall in love with New Love Plus this fall when it's released in Japan.


    Will it be released in English?
    Will it be released in Australia?

    Brian, I know you'll never read this, and I know i'm not the first person to have an issue with one of your articles.

    But why. . . why do you keep bringing these games up, despite the fact you would have to know said games will never get released outside Japan, and if they did the ensuing media shitstorm they would bring with them would be to the detriment to us all.


      I think this previous article on the real meaning behind the name "Kotaku" will explain it:

      The name itself originated form the amalgamation of the Japanese words "Ko" and "Otaku". "Otaku" does not necessarily mean gaming nerd.

      I believe there was an old article by Crecente (can't seem to find it out now) on what Kotaku is really for. Not just gaming news but also to explore gaming culture around the world. Be it US, Europe, Brazil or Japan.

        Thanks for the response, Funly enough I've made the exact same argument against someone else in the past.

        I have no problem with him posting articles that are about Japanese culture, whether it be gaming or otherwise, as I said I defended him about such a thing in the past.

        My issue with this article is not so much where its based, but the fact that the context of the game would cause a media shitstorm down here. Which they would because they've pulled one for much less (Dead or Alive: Dimensions)

        Maybe I was being to strong is saying he shouldn't put these sort of articles up, however the media systematic attack on DoA Dimensions was started due to an article from Sweden, based on a false assumption (for the record you cannot look up a person's skirt) what's to lead people down here to use this game for their own means by spreading lies and fearmongering about a game everyone here knows will never see the light of day outside Japan.

      For the lulz? I just think these things are hilarious showing the weird stuff japan does.

    As Cats said. I like these articles cause you get to see all the cool and strange things that happen in Japan.

      By cool you mean 'creepy' right?

      I like to think anyone who imports one of these games has their name added to some government watch list for potential sex offenders.

        That is an extremely valid point. Seriously though, who would buy these kind of games?

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