See Just How Crazy Your Diablo III Character Can Look If You Play On ‘Inferno’

See Just How Crazy Your Diablo III Character Can Look If You Play On ‘Inferno’

For Diablo III, Blizzard is giving players a chance to fight the hardest of hellspawn with the game’s “Inferno/” difficulty. Faster, stronger and tougher enemies that mean big risks and big rewards. What kind of rewards?

Crazy, ornate high level armour, for one. Blizzard Entertainment showed off what some Inferno-class items look like at its Gamescom press conference today, revealing what a level 60 Demon Hunter and Wizard might look like decked out in the sweetest of loot.

Blizzard also displayed slides of Diablo III‘s (lots and lots of) gems and Runestones, some of which players will only see if they play on the Inferno difficulty setting. For kicks, we also got a look at some higher level gear and character stats.

See what portions of Diablo III‘s end game will look like in the gallery above.







  • So you can look like a hideous hybrid between a WoW character and dime-a-dozen Korean MMO character? Awesome……

    • What’s with the D3 hate? Diablo’s always had this kind of armour style. Maybe if Blizzard hadn’t announced their always-online-DRM or real-currency auction house, then you’d probably be drooling all over these screenies

        • Derp Derp thats without armor hahah derp Derp. So that picture was pointless.

          YEah it is because of the always online thing. It will suck to live in Australia cause our pings are going to be 350+…. I would love to see people playing hardcore with that ping.

          • “Armour style”…and last I checked a lot of the armour in D2 kept the same look as the default for your class. But even the crazy sets like Trang-Oul’s Avatar and Griswold’s Legacy were all pretty low key in design.

          • “Always online” is not the same as “Connecting with a client to their server which handles all hit registration and movement”, mate. Otherwise, you’d experience latency when you play SC2 in singleplayer, which is not the case.

          • Fenixius: The problem is that Diablo 3 isn’t ‘always on’ like SC2, it’s ‘Online Only’, like WoW.

            In other words, THERE WILL BE LAG!

        • Yeah that’s the rendered menu screen… sorry to say. So, picture fail.

          It is a tiny bit more WoW than Diablo 2, but it’s very similar.

          • Its also very very hard to compare Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 since there is a 10 + year gap….

          • No fail at all. Notice how Mikka said “Diablo’s always had this kind of armour style.” See the key words are “armour style” as in the art direction taken and stylings used. Then look at how even the more over-the-top armour sets in D2 weren’t that garish.

        • Yeah, I much prefer the consistent style of D2 armour than this complete brain fart. At least in D2, even if you got some crazy armour, you still looked like the class you were. This stuff, every class ends up looking like a alternate jumble of excessive barbs and spikes.

          But I should stop complaining, as I actually still want this game haha!

  • I agree with Chazz. the middle ones are more in the Diablo style whereas the ones on the extreme right look like some generic korean MMO/WoW hybrid.

  • Man, the armor looks pretty bad to be honest. With such a big budget I was expecting something prettier.

    Torchlight 1 looks better, and that’s an Indie game.

  • Those armours on the far right look like shit.

    I didn’t mind the art direction change, but I don’t want my Diablo to look like generico “Final Fantasylike:Planes of Hell” online.

  • Hmm, I’ve never agreed with the people who whined about D3 looking like WoW, but this is certainly getting closer.

    Adding that to the always-on requirement and I’m getting decidedly less enthused than I was for D3. Sad Panda time.

  • To be fair, the lighting/exposure in those shots are -terrible-, and the armours on the far right have too much luminosity and not enough saturation. So it’ll look better than this!

    …though how much is debatable.

  • Not even considering to play D3 anymore

    It’s just not that it looks like WoW, I do like playing WoW, but WoW theme should only stay in WoW

    This is pretty much what happened if WoW have a one night stand with D2, 9 months later…D3 shows up

  • the inferno armour in the first pic reminds me of the south park episode when mr lu kim is doing his war dance to stop the mongolians from breaking down his city wall haha

  • I didn’t realise D3 was being developed by Square Enix.

    I expect we’ll find out soon that the combat is now turn-based as well.

    • Difference here is that Square Enix would at least use high resolution textures, so although the armor is ridiculous and impractical, at least it looks stylish.

      This however…. It looks pretty poor.

  •, 5 minutes in, watch the video in 1080. The problem is that they highlight whichever armor they’re currently talking about and make it look super bright and saturated while dimming down the others. They’ll look just fine in game. Problem is with these pictures, not with how the gear will look in game.

    • It’s not the colouring or saturation that’s the problem. It’s the design itself, those 3rd sets all look dodgy asian MMO with a hint of WoW.

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