Shinobi 3DS Is Losing Beauty Contests To Metal Gear Solid 3DS

If you thought Metal Gear Solid 3DS looked ugly, get a load of what Sega and Griptonite are doing to Shinobi. Maybe they'll look better in 3D?

Wasn't the 3DS supposed to be a powerful machine capable of pulling off console-quality graphics? Why are developers pumping out games that look like they'd be right at home on the Nintendo DS? I'm no graphics elitist, but when the games on my phone look better than the games on my $350 $250 handheld, I start questioning the wisdom of purchasing games for said handheld.

At this point I've personally purchased almost every game that's come out for the 3DS. All but one (Dead or Alive) has been traded back in.

Maybe I'll be in more of a buying mood when Shinobi 3DS drops in November. It's still one of my favourite franchises, even if it's ageing badly.


    Still looks better than DS. This is stylized, surely.

      It's not stylised. Even a cursory glance of these images shows a tonne of graphical artifacts that shouldn't be within 2-3 generations of a modern game.

      Look at the shadows, they simply used dodecahedrons instead of smoother circles. The sword is jagged. The chain in the first image is a 2D plane image.

      And that's on top of the usual suspects like clipping and flat backgrounds with no sense of depth. This looks worse than many DS games.

    I've always been a big fan of the Shinobi franchise, but I got to agree here, the 3DS can and has already produced graphics greater than what is on show here. Hopefully Sega/Griptonite are planning on polishing the game up a little more before its released.

    Let's not beat aroun the bush... This still looks pretty terrible... I'm thinking PsVita is where I'm going to be at launch day next year. I mean, this is just bad!

    Isnt this a eStore game and not a full retail game?

    And apart from a couple of dodgy textures, I thought MGS looked rather good? /shrugs.

    lookin fugly alright. if only a non b-grade dev had the reigns and was keeping it old school, sidescrolling platforming.

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