Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Is A Trailer You’ll Want To Forget

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Is A Trailer You’ll Want To Forget

Book of Memories is a lot of things apparently. One thing it is not is a traditional Silent Hill game.

Goodbye psychological horror! Hello, ahem, co-op action. Previously, Kotaku posted the game’s screens.


  • The premise of the game actually sounds quite interesting. Also I think people need to be a little less precious about this not being a traditional silent hill game. Hate the game for what it is if you must, not for what what it isn’t.

  • Maybe it’s for other people, but not for me. Silent Hill is all about being alone, and fearing the noise rather than what might have caused the noise – the game makes you scare yourself. It’s not Resident Evil, it’s psychological horror.

    The guy is right – this sounds like a massive departure from the series, so big of a departure I wonder why they have called it ‘Silent Hill’.

  • Its certainly very different…

    I love the series, and departures/experiments aren’t always bad. Shattered Memories for instance was awesome (IMO).

    RPG elements, fine! But the SH series’ best asset is its atmosphere, and I am skeptical about this game being able to keep the atmosphere.

    I’m not counting it out yet… the plot sounds intriguing certainly. But will this game be scary?

    Isometric perspectives can still have at least some atmosphere… the first Diablo game had atmosphere. But still, I’m cautious.

  • Jared’s dead on the money. This might be a great game but it was ridiculous to call it Silent Hill. It’s going to alienate SH fans who were expecting something different, and it might even alienate non-fans because they say, “Oh, Silent Hill, that’s that survival horror series.”

    Should’ve called it something else, for sure.

  • He’s going to have to ask me something other than to please like it…. But as a Silent Hill game. This is all I’ve seen of it, I’m not at all impressed(as a Silent Hill game), and you other guys are right, it doesn’t look like a Silent Hill game, at all. So, while I may be proven wrong, I really don’t think this is going to interest me as a fan. I’ll keep an eye on it though… Just to see if it starts to look like Silent Hill….

  • I think I will be quite happy to give this a go – back in the day I was a big fan of Hunter: the reckoning for the original xbox, and this looks to be essentially the same thing. Multiplayer combat, an interesting story and a horror theme. The silent hill franchise is essentially shifted from what it originally was anyway, at least this is something new and not another badly made “survival horror” game that misses the point entirely.

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