Silpheed Designer Passed Away Too Soon. Dead At 45.

Takeshi Miyaji passed away this Saturday. Miyaji is best known for designing shooter Silpheed, mecha title Gungriffon, and Japanese role-playing game Grandia.

Miyaji founded Tokyo game studio Game Arts with his brother while still in his teens. In 2000, Miyaji left Game Arts to found G-Mode, focusing on social games for Japanese cell phones.

G-Mode revealed that Miyaji had suddenly passed away, but did not go into further detail. Miyaji was 45.

【訃報】ジー・モードの宮路 武氏が逝去 [ソーシャルゲーム情報]

(Top photo: GameWatchImpress)


    Thexder and Silpheed via Sierra were some of the better early attempts to bring Japanese shooters to the PC and western markets.

    Miyaji really was one of the greats of gaming history. Will be dearly missed.

    Silpheed and Grandia. Legend.


    RIP. Grandia has one of the best battle systems in JRPG history.

    Silpheed rocked the mega cd like no other game!!

    Never played Silpheed but enjoyed Gungriffon (the first level, jumping out of a plane in a mech suit, was pretty cool) and Grandia is my all-time favourite RPG because of the battle system alone.

    The games industry (or more specifically the RPG field) needs more people like this man. RIP.

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