Skyrim Lets You Get Married (Including Gay Marriages)

Unlike its predecessor, Oblivion, the next game in the Elder Scrolls series will let you make friends. Some friends can become friends with benefits. And they can then become your spouse. Even if they're the same gender as you.

While the fact the game features gay marriage is one to be applauded, let's not let it steal the limelight from the fact you can simply get married. Or just be friends!

Oblivion often felt very mechanical in the way you dealt with its inhabitants; you'd use them for a quest then they'd either disappear or you'd run out of things to say.

In Skyrim, those you befriend will be, well, friends! Get cozy and they might tag along and help you out in a fight. And if you get real cozy, if you buy a house, then they'll move in with you.

No word yet on how Skyrim handles the inevitable loveless decline and divorce once the kids leave home, but we've got a few months for that to be revealed in a no doubt mildly depressing developer diary.

Same sex marriage in Skyrim [Eurogamer]


    That's great progressive thinking from a company I love.

    Spousal abuse :D

    Wow, from Minecraft to an epic sounding game like this. Gotta love freedom of choice, well done.

      Wait, sorry. Got this game mixed up with a childrens card game again...

      But gay marriages = win.

    Skyrim just keeps sounding better and better.

    i Just hope it isn't as forced as Dragon Age 2.

      All of Bioware's 'love' stories are forced. You cannot get through any of their damn games without being shimmied off into a relationship.

    Wonder how similar/different it will be to Fable's system of family building?

      Yeah I'm wondering this too. Superficially it looks really similar.

      Fable's NPCs were basically randomly generated with no interaction or personality...

        Yeah I would really like to see the Fable example taken a bit further. It is probably one of the best for freedom to marry whomever you choose, but there really wasn't much point to any of it. If it is similar I will probably do the same thing as I did in Fable, get married, have sex, then murder my wife. Just to see if anything happens.

    so basicly, skyrim has sort of harvest moon like elements? just take my money already!!!

    I hope they didn't spend too much time on this, i'd rather they focus on more important things instead on screaming "me too!" in regard to Bioware's very PC romance system.

    You're stealing from the wrong game Bethesda, why lot lift some awesome from Deus Ex?

      I know not everyone is into the romance idea and sub-plots in games, but if done right they can add a level of character and depth to the experience.

      I think this feature, coupled with player owned houses and what-not, could be very cool.

      I'm also glad there's a same-sex option. The lack of such content is definitely felt. Not on some kinda of discriminatory level. But in games like Skyrim, where you have SO MUCH free choice, and yet are confined to hetero romance options.

      Can break the immersion in that world and make you feel disconnected from your own character.

        I can see where you're coming from, i've been a fan of these subplots in the past, but I really don't see it being necessary in Skyrim or it really being dealt with in a satisfying fashion.

        I can see it coming off a lot like Fable's romance system... which isn't good.

    So if you spouse leaves you, do you have to spend time in-game to sign all forms of legal documents as they take half you own?

      hahaha good call. will she get custody of the pet dragon or half of your weapon stocks?

      I suppose it's an evolution of GTA's kill the hooker to get your money back.

      Your ex takes half your gold, but their head off and feed it to a troll to get it back.

      Suddenly I imainge this game will sell very well with middle aged males living out revenge fantasies :D

    I'm all for the gay marriage/relationship choice in games, AS LONG it is entirely up to the player to initiate it.

    I do NOT want to be playing a male character and have NPC males start flirting with my character. (If it was a one-off joke than OK)Nothing will make me trade this game in faster than if I get forced into that kind of stuff.

    But having lesbian relations while playing a female character is going to be awesome!

    Yes that was a joke... I'm guessing marriages in Skyrim will most likely be as meaningless as they were in Fable, if not more so.

      Hey there big boy. I've got a package for my pants. x.

      But it'd be much more realistic and a more deeper experience if men did hit on you in the game. You can easily just say no, you know?
      Like in real life.

        I understand the need to have same-sex marriage in the game if marriage is included at all, simply because American media has to cater to and please all minorities to any extent, whatever, that's their thing. To the hundred million people that feel that it is so rewarding to everyone, this is my comment.
        LIKE I SAID, I understand it. If you don't include someone in something this day in age, you're a bigot, and a pious redneck. However, I would find it very acceptable to choose to not have your male character hit on by another male NPC. I don't hate homos, but I sure as hell am not comfortable with one coming onto me. And adding better stat boosts to gay marriages? Isn't that alot like reverse prejudice? Because something may be against someone's ethical, moral, or religious beliefs, they should be punished for not "coming across", and taking part in something they feel is wrong? That is against exactly what you are trying to force upon people. This is a nation of freedom to believe what we choose to.

    So we will have gay marriages in all RPGs now? I assume Gears of War 3 will feature this too.

    What would be cool/funny is being able to have an unlimited number of wives all crammed into the same house!

      You'd have to have one massive kitchen for that hahaha

      Or in different villages ;)

    Obviously this move will destroy the sanctity of video game marriages. Why can't they just be happy with virtual civil unions?

    This is cool but why bother with it all if there is no perk or benefit for your character.

    If you get married someone of the opposite sex and you received an extra 10% gold per reward or quest than you would do it in a heart beat. Even better would be an even bigger increase in weapon or hand to hand stats (as an example)if you married someone of the same sex.

    Would the gay haters 'come across' for an extra 15% increase in weapon or magic damage?

      I grammer and speeling suck in the above post. Sorry about that.

      I would imagine, as a feature, it serves less as a stat and char building mechanic, but rather, it's supposed to increase the level of immersion and interaction you and your character has with the game world.

      And, to me, Elder Scrolls has been more about the immersion and experiencing the game world than trying to achieve perfect stats.

    Sky-Rim... Really lives upto it's name =)

    Even if it was all hetero I'm sure the PC modding community would quickly make a gay marriage mod, I can't imagine it would be too hard seeing as all the mechanics are already there.

    I see lots of domestic violence and potential AVO's or a mod for it

    Love the idea of marriage if they took it a step further and added kids too great. Gay marriage sweet Im not gonna do it but its a nice touch to those who are going to. In regards to men flirting with me as I adventure far off lands people we have two options 1 be mature about it and move on who gives a fuck tbh if I was gay Id wanna fuck me too but its okay for those of you who are really uncomfortable cause there is a second option and a third option that Ill probably exercise you know why cause I can thats why one is beat the shit out of him and the other is cut his head off one more effective then the other but stop complaining about Oh I dont like it. You dont like it do something about it cause yah can :D that is all.

    Does anyone know if you can have kids in this? That would be cool. There were litterally NO kids in Oblivion. That kinda sucked.

      As far as I know, from a married character, you can't have kids. But there sure as hell are a ton of the little bastards running around now though..

    I agree my friend(if I can call you my friend)I'm just kidding but this game is going to be eppicccc!!!!!!!!!:D

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