Skyrim, You've Come A Long Way, Baby

While it looked pretty amazing when first released, time has not been kind to certain visual aspects of Oblivion, the last game in the Elder Scrolls series. Especially its plastic-faced, potato-headed characters.

With the fifth Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, due later this year, people might be curious to see just how many of the world's key races are looking five years later.

The picture above shows how the series' engine has advanced since Oblivion's release in 2006, comparing the characters and races of the last game against those found in 2011's Skyrim.

You can also, just for kicks, see down the bottom row how they looked in 2002's Morrowind.

To see the image in full (the top pic doesn't show all the races), click on the thumbnail below.

Oblivion vs. Skyrim (so far) [Reddit]


    Hey there missing the Altmer not that that's exactly a great loss.

    Argonians look awesome in Skyrim!

    It would be good to see some screenshots of races from the first two games, too.
    Damn, Skyrim is looking pretty, but I'm sure a sufficiently detailed character creation tool will allow for some horrendous avatars.

    FUARKKKKKKKKKKK, mirin the graphics brah

    I think I liked Morrowinds Orcs and Argonians better than their Oblivion counterparts. Having said that I also enjoyed Morrowind a great deal more than Oblivion.

    Cool. I've been following a lot of the posts from review sites about the screenshots of their characters from the recent hands-on they've had. I recon the Argonian looks the most well developed, since they started off looking really dumb (particularly in Oblivion), and now actually look like dangerous amphibians!

    Also, whats with the recent spate of annoying posts of FUARK? Did I miss a meme or something?

      It's only a matter of time before "fuark" goes the way of planking and lying cakes.

      It's an expression of amazement or surprise. Came from the recently deceased Zyzz along with "mirin" and "come at me". Or at least from misc on bb.

      And I definitely agree. FUAAAAAAAAA-

    You know what;s REALLY hilarious???

    The heads from morrowind all looks WAY better than Oblivion, IMO lol

      No shit man, they even look more detailed LOL!

      100% agree. They are more defined

      Yeah I think that's one of the things I don't like about oblivion... The models are horrid! Can't believe some of the morrowind ones are better. Lol

        Yeah, at least the Morrowind ones have a consistent aesthetic. Oblivion faces look like they're moulded by someone punching a piece of putty over and over.

    Really loving the look of the Argonian and Khajiit. Also nice to see that Humans will actually look like Humans.

      Also why isn't there a High Elf in that picture? I want to see what they look like.

        Since the majority of these images are taken from characters the press created, there were presumably no High Elf characters created.

          To be fair, who really plays High Elf characters anyway? ;)

          Agreeing with others though, Morrowind characters definitely looked better than the Oblivion ones. Never noticed that before.

    Wow, I actually have a choice this time round! I always ended up choosing Dunmer, cos I don't like playing human, and all the other non-human races looked stupid, no matter how much I tried. Now I've actually got a decent selection - Dunmer, Argonian, Khajiit, Bosmer... dammit, now I have to choose...

    Wood elfs look kewllll

    Why do the Morrowind characters look better than the Oblivion ones in nearly every respect?

    Awesome, I think the biggest improvement is the orcs, they took so much more orcy and much less 'balding middle age green man with no rental cover.'

    Damn you, I dont need better graphics I need more free time for all these great +50 rpgs!

    The faces were one of the many problems I had with Oblivion.

    The clunky Engine that made combat feel slow and weird was another.

    If they fix these two, I'm sold.

    Now we just have to hope that the voices are of the same quaility to match the updated models. Ie i sure as hell dont want any male bosmers in skyrim to sound like the annoying fan, nor do i want to here jauffery voice as any 20-45 year old human. Nad female khajits and Agronians better have different voices this time ><

      I usually try and play a "good" character, but that Annoying Fan character got stabbed pretty quick in my game.

    I'm sorry but I clearly see a night elf Mohawk in those pics

    I am so... so... excited for this game :D not only am I an avid Elder Scrolls fan, but I fucking love anything even slightly Viking. So this game is pretty much my nerd wet-dream.

    fuck these new character models look like sex baby

    Morrowind characters look better than oblivion ones!

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