So I Guess This Will Be A Movie Within A Game?

So I Guess This Will Be A Movie Within A Game?
Or maybe it’s a game within a movie? Or maybe it’s just a movie–enough! OK, .hack, the video game within a video game video game, is getting a movie version.

.hack debuted as a video game with 2002’s .hack//Infection, and are part of a multimedia franchise that encompasses television anime, manga, and even music. The .hack games are developed by CyberConnect2, which is currently working on Asura’s Wrath for Capcom.

The movie is CG and 3D and, as you can see from the trailer, it’s more story within a story from .hack. It hits Japanese theatres January 2012.

.hack//TheMovie [Official Site]


  • remains me of those movies where it stars a kid that goes to this secret world and has to save it and goes back and fourth. Wait a minute, no this just reminded me of The Chronicles of Narnia. Dam it, i dont want to remember that.

  • if the .hack game the world was in the future as a game and be like that in the future and made by the same people who made .hack…

    how stupid (crazy) would that be

    • it would be the BEST THING EVER.
      even if it did get infected and peoples consciences were stolen by the game leaving them in a coma…

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