So Who Bought A 3DS Over The Weekend?

The 3DS price drop became official on Friday, and retailers in Australia are currently in the act of securing your dollars by providing numerous different deals. Did any of you guys bite? And if so, how are you finding the 3DS so far?

I've been in the interesting position of watching my brother discover the 3DS for the first time, minus the cynicism I've now developed for the device after being so incredibly hyped with it to begin with.

He bloody loves the thing.

How are you guys finding it?


    No one

      Prob people who don't want a gaming console :D

    i finally caved and bought one at dick smith. i haven't bought any games yet, as i don't know if i will import OoT or trade in some games to get it locally

      3DS is region locked, so you'll have no choice (of importing) but to buy games locally.

        not true i imported OoT from zavvi and it works perfectly.

          Zavvi/Hut/OzGameShop should be fine to import - UK shares the same region as Aus, just be careful with eBay/Play-Asia/etc

        Region locked? That's BS. I have every Nintendo handheld since the original Gameboy and there's no way I'm touching this region locked piece of trash.

        I loved buying 75% of my DS games from Play-Asia. Screw Nintendo and their pre-historic hardware limitations.

      Did that too, bought a 3DS at DSE...
      Although, I don't have a DS so those games are first on my list although I do have a few 3DS games. The 3D gets tiring pretty quickly though.

    I did. Got the last one in store from Dick Smith too, so I dare say I'm not the only one (or they were drastically understocked before their sale).

    The 3D is neat but finding the butter zone where you can play comfortably and have the effect going was a little troublesome.

    I only played for a little while (completed Deku Tree dungeon of OoT) so haven't had a full impression, but I plan on giving this thing a better run later this week.

    Still needs more games, it's already gathering dust (although I think they might just be because dust shows so easily on it).

      You're not the only one lol. I bought one for my son. We got him Nintendogs+Cats and Zelda OoT. He's got SFIV coming in from OzGameShop well. I have no problem with a 199 price tag for the 3DS.

      I found the 'sweet spot' for the 3d with the slider up half way, it hurts my eyes being up the whole way. My son has crossed eyes that have been corrected via surgery yet can see the 3d on the 3DS apparently. He can't see it in the cinemas though. Wierd.

      He doesn't like the 3D though as he said it hurts his eyes, so he turns it off, which is all good. He's getting a giant kick out of the AR cards and its games so far :)

      For 199? It's a bloody good purchase.

        I found that having the slider on the lowest setting without turning 3D off seemed to work best for me. Let me hold it a little further away than normal, which is more comfortable for me.

          I found over time my eyes became "stronger" and I was able to handle it at full strength.

          I still can't do it for more than say over 30mins without feeling fatigued in the eye area and sometimes feeling a little sick.

            i haven't had any eyestrain from it yet and been playing with the 3d between 3/4 and full haven't spent any longer than an hour and a half at once on it though due to time constraints.
            been enjoying it so far though i do wish more people were around with 3ds haven't had a single hit on streetpass. Tassie seems to be lacking in 3ds users

              Yeah, I know what you mean

              -fellow tassie

              yeah man i'm up in launceston its hard to find streetpass users, I suggest going into EB or something someones bound to have one in there

                I'm in launceston too and have a grand total of 1 streetpass hit. We're going well!

    Managing...... to....... resist.... low.... price.... for .....useless..... noveltyyyyyy..... AAAARGH!

    I was going to, but then we needed to buy a new tv in a hurry, so that was my moolah gone :( Plan on picking one up if I have the cash when the next round of sales is on though!

      For the record, they're still $200 at Dick Smith online apparently... I thought that sale ended on Sunday...

        I work for Dick Smith. Word is the 3DS will be in our next catalouge starting Wed/Thu at the same $199 price.

          Wed is my payday, if thats true then i'll be getting one!

            Yeah it's still $199 and is set in system to stay at that price until the end of our current catalouge (29/8/11)

    I was actually using mine on the weekend and went out to Mana Bar Melbourne on Sunday afternoon.

    Snap em up, I'm looking for moar Street Fighters out there to Yoga Nugie.

    Not me. The time may come, especially if/when they get another New Super Mario Bros (i.e. the 2D sidescrolling one, not the 3D one). At that point my wife will probably demand one.

    But if lack of games was the reason for not buying it before then the price cut hasn't helped. It's not like the price will go back up again, so might as well wait until there are some more interesting games and THEN buy it cheap rather than buy it cheap now and sit around waiting for the games to arrive.

    To clary my no, my daughters & i have been playing tiny tower on ipod all weekend which is free. Heaps better value. Whilst they were both hugh DS fans, they don't touch them anymore since they got ipods.

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        I work in an enviroment where i see lots of kids aged between 5-12, it used to be everyone had a DS in their hands. Now everyone either has their own Touch or inherited their parents old Iphone.

        Jobs can go jump, i dont own any other crapple product, I'm no fan, but value for money talks.

    Nah... i won't be spending $200 on anything any time soon lol

    I traded my 3DS for a new 360, but I do miss it (especially at work!) So I'll be getting a new one very soon! I want a blue one this time!

    Yes and am loving it. I'm fine with the slider all the way up and Zelda is amazing. It really lends itself to 3D.

    I don't get why everyone thinks it is gimmicky although maybe some of the other games don't use it well?

    Most pumped for Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3DS.

    I bought a DS Lite this weekend.

    That's how i roll

    Picked one up from Dick Smith on Sunday, still had plenty left. The sales person I bought it off was a little shocked when I indicated that I did not want any games.

    He said "but what will you play?!?", 'DS games of course!" I replied. With a sigh of defeat he processed the transaction and I was off on my merry way. I figure their grand plan was to have people buy the console then a few games at marked up prices (they were all about $60). Totally outsmarted them on that one. Enjoying the better quality screen up from the orignal grey brick DS.

    I spent my money on shoes instead. Probably a good decision based on the time since I last used my DSi.

    Nope, money will be spent on all the ridiculously good games that are about to start coming out leading up to Christmas!

    Was so tempted by the price. OoT is one of my favourite games and I really want to check it out in 3D.

    But I bought a Captain Jack Sparrow costume instead. Running as CJS in the City to Bay.

    I grabbed one on friday and spent my weekend playing OOT and Link's Awakening.

    I don't mind the 3d and it doesn't hurt my eyes but i find it too hard to continually keep my hand steady while playing to find use out of it. When playing zelda i typically turn it off and then turn it on for cutscenes or sections where i dont have to fight.

    As for Link's awakening, it's an amazing game but i find the 3DS' start and select buttons absolutely horrible. I wish they could be mapped to the shoulder buttons or somewhere else because you end up using them a lot. There were several instances where i accidentally pressed the power button (which of course quits the game without saving). It's enough to make me second guess buying games on virtual console

      Yeah, I hate the start select buttons. Totally agree with you.

      I played Link's Awakening for one and a half hours without saving then accidently pressed the power button losing all progress. Hopefully Nintendo can remove this with a firmware update.

      Funny, I bought Link's Awakening a few weeks ago and only finished it this weekend, I never really had any issue with accidentally pressing the power button but I agree wholeheartedly with the issue regarding the Start and Select buttons.

      Link's Awakening is still a good game though, but I think because of sheer ingenuity Oracle of Time and Oracle of Seasons are better games, I wish they'd hurry up and release those.

      I hate how Nintendo won't even update the titles slightly for the newer console.

      In Link's Awakening I'm constantly going through the items screen to swap items on the 2 buttons while there's an extra 4 buttons (or 8 if you count the dpad) sitting there unused.

    I finished the OOT 3D Master Quest this morning so my 3DS is officially boring again.

    Hurry up with my ambassador games Nintendo!

      master quest?

      i understood this was released for gamecube during wind waker... whered you source this?

        When you finish Oot 3D it unlocks on the cartridge.


        Master quest unlocks once you beat the game once:)

        Master quest unlocks once you beat the game once:)

        and as an added bonus it mirrors the entire map.

          To clarify, it mirrors the entire game, cutscenes and all. The only thing not mirrored is the text, luckily enough. Even Link is right handed.

      aaaand after getting streetpasses at lunch time today I finished the Streetpass quest for the 2nd time and got all of the hats. So now I have no compelling reason to even streetpass! (I have the puzzle pieces already)

      Games Nintendo, games!
      I've only been playing the thing a couple of times a week for an hour or so and I've run out of things to do.

    i caved and got one. Not even intending to play much on it any time soon. I got it cause it was cheap and I'll need it when the next Pokemon game comes out. Can't pass up on 199

    NDS games are region free, so any NDS game will play on any 3ds correct?

    Waiting for mario what i would have said if the MRS didn't get me one for my birthday! Free games for me!

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