So, Who’s Gonna Make Resistance 4?

So, Who’s Gonna Make Resistance 4?

Insomniac Games made Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3. What about Resistance 4?

In an interview with website Gaming Union, Insomniac Games creative director Marcus Smith said, “We’ve done Resistance 3 and we’re really into it and proud of it, but we’re not currently slated to do a Resistance 4. So it would be hard to say it’s any kind of linchpin within Insomniac. I think we’re thriving and branching out in a lot of different directions.”

Smith added that he could “definitely see” the series being handed off to another developer. Makes sense as the two spin-off titles, Resistance: Retribution and Resistance: Burning Skies, weren’t developed by Insomniac.

Won’t see much resistance from Insomniac from handing over the series. According to Smith, “I’m sure Sony would want to find a high calibre developer to do a good offering. I don’t think they’d hand the franchise over to somebody who is going to screw it up.”

Insomniac Sees Resistance ‘Going To Another Developer’ [Gaming Union via VideoGamer]


  • You could look at it this way, Resistance 1, 2 & 3 are all on the PS3, while Retribution & Buring Skies are on different platforms. Programming the PS3 is much higher skill set than PSP and Vita, so you could pass off the lower turn over easier coding to a cheaper cost developer and stay this the high skill set on the major platform work.

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