Some People In Montreal Dressed Up

Earlier this month, the Otakuthon Anime Convention stormed through lovely Montreal, Canada. And when there's a convention, you can bet there are people in funny costumes.

Reader Yeti sent along these snaps he snapped at this year's Otakuthon of cosplayers dressed as characters from titles like Final Fantasy IX, Resident Evil, and Katamari Damacy.

Okakuthon, which sounds like it should involve running but doesn't, is held in mid-August. So if you want to go, then you'll need to wait until next year. But wait patiently. Please.

Top photo: Yeti Trudel


    Does every convetion in the world has a wesker and executioner?

    Ungh if you're going to do Freya from FFIX, at least go all out, get a rat mask and prosthetic feet and a tail! Bermucians are walking rats darn it! Dagger looks good though so I guess that makes up for it

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