Sonic CD Looks Less Jaggy On The Xbox 360, But Only When You Want It To

Sonic CD Looks Less Jaggy On The Xbox 360, But Only When You Want It To

In the wee hours of PAX, I rushed into the Xbox booth to catch a minute of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic CD. The old Sega CD game is coming back later this year.

The attraction in this video is that players of the new version of Sonic CD can switch from old-school graphics to a polished high-res version with the tap of a button. I barely could notice it, until I started looking at the triangles. Look at those edges on those triangles, people! No more jagged edges! A gift of modern technology not enjoyed by citizens of the early ’90s.

The remake will be downloadable for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, Droid, Windows Phone and PC later this year.


  • I’m just taking a casual look there, but that looks like the original graphics scaled up and run through a basic smoothing filter – the sort of thing you get with a lot of emulators. Not that I’m complaining at all, if it’s optional, but it doesn’t look like they’ve gone in and swapped any assets.

  • At work so can’t see the video, but I assume this is the same as what Sega have done with a lot of their old games – stick a filter on them to make them look smoother.

    Still a decent feature. I use it whenever I play the Ultimate Megadrive Collection.

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