Sony Launching New Wi-Fi-less PSP In Europe For €99

Sony Launching New Wi-Fi-less PSP In Europe For €99

Apparently unwilling to give up the older PSP platform despite launching the PS Vita successor next year, Sony has just announced a new regular PSP that doesn’t use discs.

Update: I may have misheard the announcement. I’m hearing now the new model doesn’t have Wi-Fi, which would certainly imply it doesn’t have downloads. So it’s UMD-based? So weird!

Isn’t that basically just the PSP Go, you ask? I don’t know, either. Perhaps Sony is thinking there’s good money in keeping an inexpensive PSP on the market to start selling the fairly deep back catalogue.

More as we know it.

Update: Sony has confirmed to Kotaku that this new PSP model will be Europe-only.

Update: Added official images of the PSP E-1000. Here’s Sony’s description of the new unit:

Value for money is the goal with this new model that will retail at just €99.99 (RRP), accompanied by an exciting range of PSP Essentials titles that will retail at only €9.99 (RRP) and will include Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, FIFA 12 and many more.

While PSP E-1000 does not include Wi-Fi, it will still provides access to the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store via Media Go. The design is also slightly different, with a Charcoal Black finish – the same as on the slimmer PS3 model – to give more of a matte feel.



  • Nice to see they’ve blatantly copied one of the worst aspects of the Nintendo 3DS. . .

    (To reiterate I’m hoping the Start/Select/Home/PSN button are touch, not we covered these buttons with a line of plastic to make them seem like they’re touch, if the latter is correct my above statement is apt)

  • UMD with no Wifi, might make a nice compliment to my GO for games that are to exspensive or not available (I’m not paying $30 for the first GoW game or Burnout Legends, and I really want to play Ace Combat Skies of Liberation again). Hopefully Europe only extends to Australia. Although is 99 pounds ($155) cheap enough with the PSP3000 going for $179?

  • One thing I just thought of, what about games like Monster Hunters Portable 3rd and Phantasy Star Portable 2 which rely heavily on online functionality through Wi-Fi?

  • Now I’m stuck.

    I really should’ve got a 3DS last week, for £130, before the price drop (so I could still do the ambassador thing).

    However, the PSP does tempt me simply because of all the great arcade games I could get on it – PowerStone, Crazy Taxi, Outrun 2, Sega Rally, and a portable Gripshift… and LBP of course.

    Having said that, I barely play games at the moment and most certainly don’t have the money that I could justify splurging on another handheld.

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