Sony Under Pressure To Reduce The Price Of The PlayStation Vita?

Sony Under Pressure To Reduce The Price Of The PlayStation Vita?

Sony Under Pressure To Reduce The Price Of The PlayStation Vita?The PlayStation Vita won’t be heading to our shores in 2011, with the first batch being releases in Japan only, but in the wake of Nintendo’s 3DS price drop, many Japanese analysts are claiming that Sony should follow suit, reports Bloomberg

Yet Kazuo Hirai claims no such price drop is necessary.

“We have a very good product at a very affordable price,” he claimed. “There’s no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game industry decided they were going to.”

But some analysts claim that Sony must consider a drop or risk failure in a rapidly shrinking handheld market.

“Gamers are increasingly anticipating Sony to lower prices, especially after the 3DS cut,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Securities Co. “Sony is under major pressure to cut the price of the Vita or risk a major failure.”

In this respect Nintendo’s decision to drop the price of the 3DS may end up being a clever pre-emptive strike. The PlayStation Vita is already great value for money, considering the tech, but following the 3DS price drop it has become the premium, expensive handheld alternative. It’s difficult to see Sony dropping the price, considering it already feels relatively low considering.

Are you guys planning to pick up a PlayStation Vita?

Sony Under Pressure to Lower PlayStation Vita’s Price After Nintendo Cuts [Bloomberg]


  • Considering what people were ready to pay for it, its already a pretty impressive price. I would rather make it a sustainable product than pay 50 bucks less.

  • They won’t do it. They were very much applauded for their original price point, they have no incentive to lower it.

  • Given its ORIGINAL hardware it was ok priced. Now they’ve cut out some Ram and it’s less powerful? I say trim the price a little.

    • This has never been confirmed completely, the rumoured RAM was based on the dev kits I believe.

      The “reduction” comes from the suggestion the retail unit was “halved”, but Sony have not yet confirmed the amount of RAM in the retail unit to begin with, so whatever it ends up being is potentially what it was always going to be.

  • Picking up a 3Ds on Friday nice and cheap. Even if it’s supported half as well as the DS I will be a happy camper, I already have to be selective about what games I buy.

    Aah, the days of youth where you could game all weekend and afternoon.

  • I don’t think it’s necessary the 3ds has suffered

    Because so far it doesnt have any decent games,the estore is a failure(nintendo has an awesome back catalog that it refuses to utilize)

    And worst of all it’s built on a gimmick that doesn’t reall distinguish it from the DS

    Seriously regretting that purchase

    But if all the Psp content on the Psn is available to the vita along with the decent looking launch lineup I don’t see it having as much trouble

  • There is nothing wrong with the current (estimated) price as it is, for what it is.
    I don’t think there will be a price drop, nor should there be.

  • I think Vita’s price is exactly right, considering the hardware and it’s potential. With the awesome games already announced, and its potential to make the Wii-U obsolete before its even out, I really don’t see SOny dropping the price. If they do, then hey, that’s awesome, but I just don’t see it happening.
    Vita has enough to differentiate it from the 3DS anyway, once people see it in action I reckon they’ll know exactly where their money’s going.
    And yes, I’m totally getting one. Three must-haves in its launch catalog? I need to start saving already.

    • Agreed, but you should probably be aware that they haven’t announced a launch lineup yet (probably TGS for that) so you might be disappointed come the actual launch.

      But at least you can import!

      • That’s true, nothing’s confirmed as of yet. The three games I was referring to are Uncharted Golden Abyss, Stuper Stardust HD and Sound Shapes. IGN have these as “confirmed”hardware launch titles – that can obviously change, and until I see them confirmed for Australia I’ll still take it with a grain of salt.
        Even if they’re in the launch window, not necessarily out on the day, that’s still a pretty compelling reason to pick it up on day one.
        Being hypnotized by that OLED screen will probably get me through, if not. Hopefully they also pre-install some titles on the memory stick a’la the 3DS too … an HD clone of face raiders at 60fps would certainly send a message to Nintendo – “We’re coming after you”.

  • If I can have a near identical experience to online COD on PS3 on the vita then consider it sold. Otherwise I’m not gonna bother with it.

    • Indeed.

      In the words of the great Elijah Wood “You use your hands? That’s like a baby toy!”

      Admittedly, he doesn’t say that for four more years, but I think the principle still holds true.

          • ^ LOL. I agree with Tom – the last handheld I really liked was the Gameboy Advance SP, mostly because of all the Mario Bros ports. The DS in comparison felt like it was aimed at kids and even the most adult game on there (GTA; Chinatown Wars) found it way to the shelf once I bought an Xbox with GTAIV.

            Having said that although PSP was always too expensive – they did some amazing games on there (I own the two PS2 GTA ports and they’re excellent)

            I’m sure it’s a factor of ageing more than anything I just have time for the handheld experience and as the generations move on they increasingly feel like pale knock-off’s of current gen games, although again this is something that the PSV will probably fix.

          • I assume you mean Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories… but those were both psp games and were ported to the Ps2 after having been out on the PSP for awhile which I think is a pretty impressive detail… and they were pretty sweet but I don’t think I’d put them at the top of the list as far as ‘great PSP games’ go 😛 The hoops you had to jump through just to get the custom radio stations working was hair-pullingly annoying to me

            But then I was always one of the guys who tried to play the old GTA III-era games on ps2 and couldn’t get past the engine and its many shortcomings… Playing them on my PC with better aiming controls and the whole ‘mod’ thing spoiled me rotten 😛 haha

          • Waiiittt a minute. I think I read your comment wrong 😛
            You prolly meant that you own the Ps2 ports *of* the psp games… which makes a lot more sense and now I feel like a moron haha, my bad

  • Truefully i will properly pick one up, i have my original PsP still, covered in dust but still works with 0 issues. Maybe see if i can get a deal/trade in on it and games.

  • I’ll seriously consider it as soon as I find out that it’ll play my PSP games through the PS3. I remember last hearing that it’ll play the PS3 games through the PSP, but that’s going the wrong direction to what I want

  • Technology improves, that’s a given. I’ve still got my PSP-1000 and it’s been given a lot of love since launch.

    What I paid for the device back then was quite a bit, but in terms of the features of the Vita compared to the PSP, the fact that it’s going to hitting roughly the same price point has me sold.

    If it somehow manages to hit $348 & $408 (based on EB Games est), then these are decent prices based on what is in the device.

  • The market is just going to see the price differences and the Vita is still significantly more. If they are going to stick with it then they must have more than one killer app at launch.

    My prediction? They probably are going to cut it by $30-$50 for Australia whist in North American it’s going to be pushing for at most $40 price cut but no way can they afford to stoop any lower.

  • I’m keen to get one, but probably wont buy it from a store in Australia. Apparently it’s not region locked, so I’ll get it a wifi model for $250 from the US.

  • Taking into account how far ahead the vita is in technology and dev support, i see no reason for sony to follow suit. ill be happy to pay full price on day one. vita looks amazing

  • While im sure that lots of people will pick this up, given the indication that handhelds weren’t exactly flying off the shelf at the same price point the 3DS was at, i think it is going to have trouble appealing to the mass market. As was pointed out in the article and by others – the world has changed A LOT since the initial launch of the original PSP and DS and i believe that we will never again see a handheld reach anywhere near the numbers the original DS series did. Mobile gaming is going to take over and consume the handheld market eventually and those companies that adapt to that will be the winners. Mario on your ipad/mobile for $10-30.

  • I’ve never bought a handheld before, but given the potential for both a Silent Hill game and a Bioshock game on the PSV (and also, I’d love to see Silent Hill 0rigins playable on the Vita), I’m really considering purchasing one.

    The current price point isn’t particularly unfair, although a drop of $20 or so would be welcome.

  • The price on the PSV is fine. The price on 3DS would have been fine too, if Nintendo hadn’t screwed the pooch so badly on it’s release and subsequent handling of the product afterwards.

    Provided Sony doesn’t make the same mistake with PSV, I don’t see the price needing adjustment. I was prepared for ~$400 when they announced it and I read about it’s features.

    I’ve had a PSP since day one (not the same one of course), and it’s my favorite handheld console of all time, and still gets regular lovin’, courtesy of titles like Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy.

    Can’t wait for this, really excited.

  • I’m not considering picking one up.
    I’m only interested in how powerful the GPU is, and how games advance on the new hardware.

  • A price drop would be the difference between me being 50/50 about it and getting it for sure. Was the case with the 3DS, definitely getting one now.

  • I like many will probably end up impulse buying one of these two rivals at some point. I’m really quite jaded by Nintendo. I could be wrong but I reckon nintendo shifted focus from power and quality after the 64. Their reliance on gimmicks and refusal to match muscles with rivals has become prevalent over the years and exemplified by the 3ds and it’s poor reception.

    Picking the vita makes sense (IMO) more futurproof, versatile, powerful, REAL thumbie joystickee things.

  • I’ll be getting one, but I’d rather pay $100-$300 more for it to include phone and sms functionality.

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