Sony's Vita Can Do Some Of What Nintendo's Wii U Does

We learned back in June that the PS Vita could play nice with the PS3, but how much can the two systems do together? Apparently about as much as the Wii U.

Sony Europe R&D manager Phil Rogers said at the Develop Conference 2011 that the "PS3 can send data down to Vita and Vita can display it. You could use the unique features [of Vita]- gyroscope, touch front and back — as a control device for a PS3 game."

Vita will also be able to display encoded video from the PS3, acting as a second screen in case your TV is already in use, something emphasised by Nintendo when announcing the Wii U.

A second display with motion controls and touch screen sounds a lot like the Wii U, but Sony's latest addition to the handheld market is still emphasising the mobile aspect of the Vita with "Title User Storage".

With "Title Use Storage" Vita owners start a game on their PS3, save it to cloud storage, then continue it on their PS Vita. This function will only be available in certain games such as upcoming action RPG Ruin.

Rogers said that Sony's third-party team is encouraging developers to take advantage of PS Vita's new features.

Sony: Use Vita as a PS3 controller [Eurogamer via]


    So you CAN actually play, say, Mirrors Edge on Vita screen if tv is in use?

    This is the only big selling point on Wii U IMO and am surprised it was brushed over so lightly with Vita.

    I love that this is such an inconsequential feature that Sony barely even mentioned it earlier, and yet Nintendo are basing an entire console on it.

      Pure class and hilarity all rolled into one on Sony's part :D

      Inconsequential? That or Sony didn't think of it until Nintendo announced Wii U.

        No-one thought of it, it's a minor feature that it's about as important as the colour.

    This doesnt sound much different to what the PSP can already do with the PS3. Every time you 'view material' on your psp, the PS3 is locked with that horrible 'A psp system is connected to the system' blah blah blah. I can watch tv right now when my PS3 is on. Whats different there? I put on a GT5 BSpec race and then go watch TV.

    Overall, I really want where everyone thinks this is going, but have learnt that despite having the ability to do it, Sony dont usually feature it. Im skeptical on what and how this will actually work. Wont stop me getting a Vita though!!!

    I was already likely to buy the Vita. But this does add an extra factor it and will see me saving my pennies as soon as I can.
    Sony really seems to have pulled out a great system here.

    I don't get the selling point about being able to continue playing while the TV is in use. Are we back in 1970 when people only owned 1 TV? Hell even a computer monitor can take a PS3 or 360.

    I'd prefer to unhook the console and move it to another room rather than continuing the game on a little screen.

      As far as I can tell we're in 2011, and my wife and I "only" have 1 TV.

      I might find it useful.

    As soon as Wii-U was announced, I thought, "Hey ... Vita can theoretically do that!"
    The big question is whether it can go directly from the PS3 to the Vita or whether it has to be streamed through the PSN, as previously implied by Sony after e3.
    I think the PS3-Vita combination has waaay more potential because the Vita is a self-powered unit, whereas all the processing for Wii-U has to be done by the console.
    It really shouldn't be a problem, as I understand it, for Sony to have more than one Vita unit interacting with the PS3, something Nintendo are still closed-mouth about.
    I was already getting a Vita, and this just makes it more of an essential purchase.

    its fine and dandy taking the game with you on the PSvita, thats more then what the Wii U can do (its not fully portable), however its the way games will play with the Wii U controller screen and the TV screen, im sure that psvita combo can do something similar but not all games will have this functionality built in because developers cant assume the that all ps3 owners will own psvitas and vice versa. The Wii U will have this feature out of the box so all games can take advantage of this feature.

    Remote play already exists in PS3-PSP for some games. It's not surprise PS3-PSV will have enhancement of similar feature.

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