Soon Your PS3 Controller Can Look Like A Robot Ninja Octopus

It looks crazy but it just might work. N-Control has opened up preorders for the PlayStation 3 version of its Avenger controller cover, adding levers, pulleys and other odds and ends to a controller design that's worked perfectly well for over a decade.

The Avenger is meant to improve controller reaction times, giving players of games like Activision's upcoming Modern Warfare 3 an advantage over their non-cybernetically enhanced controller using rivals. Ashcraft seemed to like the Xbox 360 version well enough, so maybe this is a thing you would like to have.

If so, you might want to hit up the preorder page quickly; N-Control is only releasing 5000 units of the $US48.99 device this November.

N-Control PS3 Avenger [Product Page]


    Now that's just stupid.

    I dont get it could just play on PC and use a keyboard and mouse.

      some people do have a life outside their PC dude.

        ...what do you mean? this is about gaming, and that console controllers are slower compared to using a keyboard and mouse.
        a life outside the pc on the ps3/xbox?

      Yes, because we want to pay over $10 000 JUST to play games.

        I think he meant gaming on Windows PC's not Macintosh.

        Either way though it seems you're a tad too dim to understand how overall PC gaming works out cheaper.

        you pay over 10k to play games? you are doing something wrong.

      And have to use Windows? I'll pass.

    or a Xim for 360

    I don't really like it...

    seems sorta useless.

    Whats the point? Who doesn't have their fingers primed on the trigger in a shooting game anyway? Jeez..

      usually yes but as a long time PS user i found it annoying that the DS3 has the soft triggers for R2 and L2 with a longer time to get the button pressed. does wonders for playing GT5 but when i chuck in something where R2 needs to be instant, it is a TAD annoying... thats the only possible benefit i can see to this though, DS controllers are amazing..

    Whats the point? Who doesn't have their fingers primed on the trigger in a shooting game anyway? Jeez..

    Why would you bother? I don't get it lol.

    IIIIII get it now. You use your trigger fingers (ie for L1/L2 and R1/R2)to control the face buttons rather than your thumb. Interesting, but I've never found those buttons to be hard to access, the time you'd save would be fairly inconsequential. I'm considering getting one for S&G though, maybe a review too!

    I had a dream about this controller, it was amazing. Seriously. :)

    Looks like shit.

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