Sorry, Quake 4 Has Not Been Re-Rated R18+

We had a flurry of emails on Friday claiming that Quake 4 featured an Australian R18+ rating on Steam, sparking speculation that Steam had started adding adult ratings to certain games on the service. After a quick call to the Classification Board on Friday afternoon we discovered what had happened.

In short - it was a mistake. After a quick back and forth with the folks over at the ACB we confirmed what we thought from the beginning - someone over on the Steam website had goofed.

After we notified the Classification Board of the mistake on Friday, someone at the team got in contact with Valve regarding the issue and, after quickly checking this morning, it appears as though the game has gone back to its original rating of MA15+.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and thanks to Ashley for the screencap.


    Begs a question I can't believe I hadn't thought of before.

    How is Steam going to police R18+ (how does it police MA15+ now)?

      I guess just the stupid "please enter your date of birth and REALLY PLEASE DON'T LIE".

      They might have to try to get creative, instead on trying to assume people will be honest (spoilers: they won't) maybe they could ask questions that only people that are older than the required age would be expected to know (even this still wouldn't be 100% successful. . . thanks Wikipedia)

      Other than that, Online purchases through steam require a credit card to buy, maybe spam the game's rating in the input credit info screen and hope that parents actually do their job as parents. If the game is not suitable, then don't put in the info.

        Doubt they have to get creative unless someone comes out and blatantly attacks them for it

        I assume they would have the same conditions as I assume apply to sites with an 18+/adult content warning

        "warning this game has adult content and requires the buyer to be over the age of 18 click yes to confirm age, if your age is below 18 if discovered you will be held responsible for any resulting charge"

        Whether the customer is honest is irrelevant if there are suitable warnings it's up to the customer to prove that they are eligible.

        And I would assume the T&S probably have a clause to handle it as well seeing as oter countries already have adult ratings

        Not to mention that lying about your age could be seen as fraud,

      Look at Red Orchestra 2 on Steam. Australia has a "Low Violence" version of the game. I checked the steam forums and which showed that Australia would get the full version once an R18+ rating was in place.

      The developers/publishers only submitted a toned down version with the intent of submitting the full version once an R18+ rating was in place, therefore minimising the risk of being RC'd. This method is in place so the board would therefore not be reclassifying the same material when it comes time to classify the ful version of Red Orchestra 2. That's my take on the situation with digital distribution.

        RO2 not at least testing the waters to see if they could make MA15+ is, frankly, stupid. It feels like a cheap publicity stunt for when the full version is eventually made available.

      Conroy's Internet Filter will be taking care of that. The ACL have said that anything over MA15+ will be banned from the internet, so there's no need to worry about checking if people are over 18, as there will be no R18+ content anyway!

        And you believe a word the ACL says?

          Of course, the world is 5000 years old and our souls were saved by the worlds first zombie... Hell, I'm christian and even I don't believe that shit.

            Haha, that's the spirit!

        No it's anything non christian that will be banned

        I'm just waiting for the banning of the first abortion site

        And the filter falls to crap

        Or when I start spamming the offensive sites registry with all the acl sites for spreading lies and slander

        As well as being terrosist for perpetuating fear that we are all going to burn in the fiery pits of their religion

    thats disapointing that steam dun goofed

    At least it shows that Steam is keeping an eye on things. They'll be ready...

    I'm a little surprised people were willing to believe it was rerated. Even if there was some sort of efficiency-related accident over the weekend that enabled our government to get something done, the game would still have to be resubmitted for reclassification... I doubt the publisher would have done that, and Quake 4 seems like a kind of unlikely target for anti-R18+ interest groups.

      Seems like an unlikely target for interest of any kind really. I rented it two months ago because I'd never played any of the Quake games, I wish I could have those two hours of my life back. Bland, Bland, Bland.

    Steam doesn't require a credit card, you can use paypal and have that hooked up to your savings account.

    I knew that screencap would come in handy. I feel some what special by it being used :P.... /Strut

    I have a question... Will the R18+ classification make it easier/enable indie games to be published and sold in Australia, a la Xbox Live Indie Games?

      The R18+ classification will have no impact on XBLIG as far as I'm aware. The issue there I believe is due to the fact that they're rated by the community which isn't good enough apparently. But perhaps as a part of the wider classification review, community based rating systems may be allowed in the future or some other means to get them rated will be available... maybe.

    Hmm, maybe the interwebs are just trying to give politicians an even bigger hint. Kind like on xbox live back in June was showing Gears 3 when looking at the premium theme as being R18+... (I've never linked in Kotaku comments before, so that will have to do...)

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