Square Enix Brings Activision’s True Crime Back From The Dead

Square Enix Brings Activision’s True Crime Back From The Dead

The True Crime game canned by publisher Activision earlier this year has been revived. It just won’t bear the True Crime name at its new home, Final Fantasy, Deus Ex and Hitman publisher Square Enix.

Gamasutra reports that the game once known as True Crime: Hong Kong has been snapped up by the Japanese publisher. The multiplatform game is still in development at Vancouver-based United Front Games but is now being managed by Square Enix London Studios, the entity originally founded by the Square Enix-owned Eidos in 2008.

Square Enix London Studios general manager Lee Singleton tells Gamasutra that the True Crime acquisition will be “a fantastic opportunity to create a new and unique franchise which gamers will come to know and love for years to come.” Square Enix did not acquire the True Crime IP, however, and the game will carry on with a new name. (Can I suggest Black Lotus, Square Enix?)

Original publisher Activision officially announced the True Crime reboot in December 2009, anticipating a late 2010 release. The game was ultimately delayed to 2011, then outright cancelled by Activision, which said the title “just wasn’t going to be good enough”.

No firm release on the renamed and revived True Crime, a game that was originally planned for a release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Square Enix Nabs Rights To True Crime: Hong Kong From Activision [Gamasutra]


  • Good idea square enix, lets do something nobody wants and skip by want everyone wants a remade ff7….. But hey square enix always makes the right decisions right…..

    • The whole FF7 remake idea, you know, I love FF7, I was there when it was released, day 1, I got it, played it, loved it to death. Completed it at least a dozen times over the years if not more. I am however the first to admit, a remake would lose most of its charm. It’s a game of its time for sure. It won’t have the same impact if it’s remade. Just let the game be part of history.

      As for this game? Ugh. Let the true crime series DIE…

  • UMM im sure people will want this game i was so excited to play this game as i am a big fan of the true crime series and when i heard it was canceled i was hoping someone would pick it up and its great Square Enix has i can tell they know it will do well just because Activision thinks it wont doesn’t mean it will do crap.

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