Square Enix Gets Chun-Li's Thighs Right (But Not The Knees)

First spotted at Comic-Con, we now have the first official shots of Square Enix's line of upcoming Street Fighter figures.

As with many other figures in the company's "Play Arts" line, there's a stylised edge to the World Warriors, which in Ryu's case means basketball biceps and in Chun-Li's case means giant man thighs (yes!) and retractable knees (um...ok?).

They'll be available in November for around USD$60.


    I've heard of double-jointed, but...

      LOL .. agree.

    the best figures use this type of knees to be fully poseable, real muscles can change it's shape to mold, but these figures are solid so the retractable knees are a good solution for full flexed positions.

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