Square Enix Totally Cool With Deus Ex Recall

Earlier today, GameStop pulled all PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from shelves after it was caught opening boxes, removing a promotional code then selling these games as "new".

People were quick to blame GameStop, as is often the case, and while the retailer still shoulders some blame in this (if only for the practice of opening then re-selling games), the game's publisher Square Enix appears willing to fall on a sword and accept a little responsibility, saying it respects Gamestop's "right" to mess with the game.

"As part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's boxed offering on PC, Square Enix included a third party coupon", says a statement released by the publisher. "GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies."

It's funny that GameStop would take such drastic action over a game that, Onlive coupon or not, was still being bought in its stores. What's it going to do next, yank every game that has a mandatory Steam installation?


    Yeah I can see both side of the story, but still, if I've paid for something, I don't want the retailer to go through it and decide what I can have. If its in the box, then that is what I paid for....

    what about the free Portal2 for steam that came with the PS3 version?

      That's a bit different, as it wasn't an 'extra' copy of the game, but rather the ability to play the game on either PC or PS3 (as both used the same Steam account)

        But you don't need the coupon to play Portal 2 on the PS3. In effect, the coupon really is for a second copy of the game on a different game service.

        I guess the real difference is that GameStop believes that they have a chance of crushing OnLive, unlike Steam.

    Would Myer allow you to buy a product that came with a gift voucher for David Jones?

    I really hope they don't start a "trend" of removing competitor offers with this fiasco.

      I can understand why Gamestop would have a problem with the coupon, but tearing it out of the product and selling it for the same price is pretty dodgy.

    It seems like a slippery slope to me. I mean let's say Microsoft decides to bundle an offer of 10 arcade game download codes from xbox live which all happen to also be available at Gamestops download site. Surely it would be the same situation of promoting a competitors service in that case. So is it now ok for them remove those coupons? What about games that come packaged with steamworks or games for windows live? What about Battlefield 3 needing origin? In every case selling those products is promoting the competition...

    I'm so glad I don't buy retail.

      Amen. I don't understand why this isn't the attitude of THE ENTIRE WORLD.

        There's only one reason I buy retail. I don't have enough download. Not that I like it getting robbed at the counter everytime you buy a game isn't a fun experience... especially when you know steam sells it $35 cheaper ==

        There's only one reason I buy retail. I don't have enough download. Not that I like it getting robbed at the counter everytime you buy a game isn't a fun experience... especially when you know steam sells it $35 cheaper ==

          <3 free steam downloads and mates who live in the US who can buy stuff off steam for me :)

          ozgameshop is your friend there, the delay is frustrating when you want a new release game NOOOOOW!! but paying half the price for the same product seems like a pretty fair tradeoff to me

            On the brightside, the mandatory wait on delivery means all the release-teething issues are already patched away. ;)

        Because THE ENTIRE WORLD doesn't like being bounded by some EULA that thinks you don't own anything you purchased.

          Buying retail doesn't change the game eula. You only own a disc, in the same why I own the beatrice my game is on.

            I like how everybody assumes that when you play a game you accept the EULA

              Methinks you don't understand EULAs very well.

          Sorry what? I don't download games. I merely import them. It's a form of retail yes, but my argument is more against the fact that people continue to but from places like EB/gamestop who rob them blind. I used to work for EB and I know for a fact your game disc may look clean but it has the grubby hand print of a 15 year old emo girl upon it. Then they still charge you 100 dollars per new release.

          There's so many better options that even if I did care about a EULA I'd still not go to these places.

        Down with retail.
        And the proposed Gerry Harvey Tax

    Gamestop bought Impulse, right? No wonder it's getting all up on this whole download thing...

    I see how this works. Someone could buy a PC version of the game and give the onlive code to a friend.

    Would you buy a car that had the air conditioner removed because its parent company belonged to a different company as the dealership's parent company?!

    That's basically what this is. They've removed a part of the boxed product that's not essential to play it but is really just stealing.

    By violating the original packaging, they are selling damaged goods as new, which last I checked is actually against the law...

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