Star Fox 64 3D Aren't In 3D, But They Are Foxy

Like that new Star Fox 64 3D footage? How about some new Star Fox 64 3D screens!

Star Fox 64 was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Star Fox 64 3D is a 3DS version of the title that was developed by Q-Games. It was released in Japan this past July, and it will be released in the West this September.


    looks better when you play it.... i Haves my demo copy in store :D

      Yeah, the resolution in these shots are terrible.

    May be updated visuals, but the gameplay is far outdated. Nintendo are a disgrace for re-releasing old shite - a bad culture has developed at that company. They need to ditch Miyamoto and Iwata and start a fresh. Those people are out of touch with what gamers actually want to play.

    Do a barrel roll!

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