Street Fighter's Producer Kiboshes Mortal Kombat Crossover Thoughts. Again.

Yoshinori Ono, the Street Fighter series producer, has shot down ideas for a Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat crossover before. He says he gets them the time "on my Twitter feed and elsewhere." He got a question about it from the PlayStation blog earlier this week. Here's why it ain't gonna be a thing any time soon.

"Having Chun Li getting her spine ripped out, or Ryu's head bouncing off the floor….it doesn't necessarily match," Ono said.

He goes on to plug Street Fighter X Tekken, which is a thing, and then ruminates on the potential of other crossovers.

"Another would be a Marvel vs DC game which would be pretty damned cool if we could ever pull it off," he said. "I'm a big comic-book fan."

Three years ago, Ono said nothankyou.jpg to the idea of Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat but intimated that Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom could work out. This of course was during Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, a much more toned down game, winning it few fans and a lot of criticism.

I'm with Ono; I'd line up for a Marvel vs. DC game before Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat The fatal problem with that last matchup is "Who's in charge?" Clearly, Ono and Capcom think that blood and gore would diminish the huge brand they've built in Street Fighter. But if they did a pairing where Street Fighter has primacy, and the game is fought in its safe, chop-socky comic-book violence way, what's the point of Mortal Kombat even participating, as its experience with MK vs. DCU showed.

EVO: Ono Discusses Cole in Street Fighter X Tekken, PS Vita Development [PlayStation Blog via Joystiq]


    I'd be all for a Marvel vs DC fighting game... If Capcom WASN'T in control of it; because let's face it, Capcom would put out half a game then add more to it later and charge us for a new retail disc only version.

      Hey, i'm totally looking forward to Super Hyper Ultimate Marvel vs DC Universe Turbo Arcade Edition 2012! Wait, there's a deluxe edition!? FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU..........

    The clear solution is to have them both be in charge - make two games. A "Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter" and a "Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat", where each team gets a chance to play with the other's toys but also to use them in a manner they see fit.

      That doesn't solve the problem. Capcom would still be handing over the Street Fighter license to the Mortal Kombat team and have them gore it up.

      You can't de-gore Mortal Kombat either, the two licenses just don't mix.

      The problem with that is that on the MK side, you either get another MK vs DC (where everything is toned down and you piss off the MK fans) or you get fatalities on Street Fighter characters and gore galore (which Capcom will never agree to).

      It isn't just a matter of Ono not wanting it to happen. The idea itself is a logistical nightmare, and unlikely to please either lot of fans if they did manage to pull it off.

      Even if they did that, you'd just have SF fans playing SF x MK with SF characters, and MK fans playing MK x SF with MK characters. Basically, it wouldn't be a crossover, because neither would ever fight the other.

      See also: What will likely happen to SFxT.

    I would hit a Marvel vs Capcom game so hard, whoever pulled me out of it would be crowned the King of England.

    Seriously, Batman vs Spiderman.

    TBH, I want to see a Capcom v Marvlel v DC v Mortal Combat v Tekken game....

      vs Smash Bros

    Ono is way too polite to say this, but Mortal Kombat overestimates itself as a serious fighting game.

    Street fighter and Tekken are like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in lethal weapon, and Mortal Kombat is Joe Pesci.

    It would be a sad day for street fighter for them to stoop to this.

      I'd take MK over a Capcom game any day... and Joe Pesci for that matter. Have you seen Goodfellas? The guy's basically ad-libbed one of the best scenes in cinema history.

      Maybe you'll consider Mortal Kombat a serious fighting game if they didn't have DLC and instead re-released the game at full price for every new character and network fix they think up.

    oh no I hadnt realised I wasnt playing a 'serious' fighting game, I better return my copy of MK straight away!

    Capcom makes fighting games for tournaments. MK tried this, but ultimately failed with crap like no crossups, unblockable projectiles and >80% damage combos from Cyrax. That's why SF is still at EVO and MK isn't.

    That doesn't make MK a bad game, but I - and many others - are sick of MK fans confusing how much they like the game with whether or not it is competetively viable, claiming it should be in more tournaments and such.

    Just the same, I'm sick of non-competetive players attacking Capcom's title updates. Playtesting, balancing, more playtesting, development of new characters, more playtesting, more balancing... This costs money. And fighting games are one of the hardest genre of games to develop, while having one of the smallest userbases. If paying more regularly is a requirement for a good fighting game - which Capcom constantly makes - then so be it.

    Capcom could easily turn around and say, y'know what, we'd make more and spend less if we made a casual-happy fighter like Smash Bros. But they don't. So shut it.

    That's not even bringing up the fact that 4/12 DLC characters would cost more than $20/$40, thus making the updates a bargain. :/

      It would appear that you know what you're talking about - if it wasn't for the fact that MK WAS at Evo, and was a big hit.

      Wow. Elitist rage much?

      lol "casual happy" Smash Bros. still has a large audience of elitists who think that game is "pro", once they've removed 95% of the content.

    Why not have it that any Street Fighter player who is winning will make the game a Street Fighter style game and any Mortal Kombat character who is winning will bloody/gore it all up in there and make it a Mortal Kombat style game?

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