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    Looks like the weekend was both awesome and unproductive.

    No last ditch efforts were made for Shameless Gaming Month but quite a few hours of Starcraft 2, SSF4 and MvC3 streams were watched over the weekend. Hell, I was trying to watch the Starcraft 2 stream from MLG just now at work, but my connection isn't keeping up :(

    Mornin' everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! I know I did! Got to visit the comic shop and pick up a few books, mostly Daredevil, Deadpool and Spidey. Had my
    eye on an Iron Fist book but didn't have the dough. Watched all of Sons of Anarchy Season 1, played a crapload of Zelda, Halo and Mortal Kombat too! Got MK online now so if anyone wants a match add my GT: ShiggyNinty. Got to see Captain America too which was awesome! Loved the after credits bit too, so pumped! What did everyone else do?

      So these were the plans you you had that meant we couldn't hang out at the weekend? I am disappoint!

      Actually, my sister saw my tweets and didn't realise I was joking. She got all worried that I was lonely. Awkward.


    So. Shameless gaming. Grand total of 3. Was planning on getting stuck into limbo, but I picked up the Humble Indie Bundle and started playing those game, as well as raging at VVVVVV. And I also saw that video of the guy in Just cause 2 grappling onto canisters and flying around on them, so naturally, I had to try that myself.

    What was my point? Shameless going. Knocked off inFamous 2(Evil), Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Really glad I did, as they were fantastic games and deserved to be played. I picked up the ME2 DLC on sale (Kasumi, Shadow broker, Arrival). I enjoyed the Kasumi mission, but 2 problems. One, the price was not worth it. Even at at the discounted rate of 280 points, it seemed very short and feels kinda half baked, though the mission iteself was fun, adding more variety to the typical loyalty mission. Though Shadow Broker seems much better, with a somewhat more relevant and carefully thought out story, and fun gameplay (car chases are fun!)

    Also, I've been playing Fotonica which Mark did an Article on a few weeks ago. Quite an enjoyable game. It also makes me want a Mirror's Edge 2 already! Stupid BF3 (not really).

    • I think we should have an official Pineapple round-up string... And since yours was the first to start talking about your pile, I chose this one.

      Now everyone will ignore this, but at least I'll have tried!

      I got two games off my pineapple, but neither of them really counted. Why? I finished Shogun 2 Total War, and Zelda: OoT. I got Zelda in June, so it barely counts, and I bought Shogun 2 during July...

      Still, 2 games done, let's ignore all the new ones I bought...

        I'm STILL playing my second play through of mass effect..

        the original plan was to blast through it to kill ashley and save the council, but instead i've found myself exploring even more than my first play through.. i even have an old school pen and paper list of the systems and planets i have visited!!! :|

          If you feel like cheating, there's a Wiki with all the assignments and stuff listed.

          I've found it makes repeat playthroughs way easier :)

          I'm tempted to play through ME1 and 2 again as a FemShep to hear the supposedly better voice acting by Jennifer Hale, so I can kill Ashley, save Wrex, save the council and all sorts of other crazies in ME2. But that would be a 50+ hour adventure, and I don't really like ME1's gameplay. So meh.

            Here's hoping you have the PC version!

              Cheers Bish - I think I can face a couple more playthroughs if I don't have to start from scratch.

            Just get the interactive comic DLC. It lets you make all the major ME choices and then jump straight into ME2.

      I agree that Kasumi was a bit short, but I loved the heist feel and some of the dialogue.

        Agreed, the heist feel was pretty good. Especially the sneaking into the bedroom to get the DNA. More games need to have heist/sneaking around missions. Still, ME2 did have a pretty good array of loyalty missions types.

      I'm actually writing up a blog post right now about the end of Shameless Gaming Month. Probably going to put it up later this morning after I finish doing my actual job and can edit it a little.

      Long story short, I finished four games and feel like I spent my time much better than I normally do.

      I finished 3 games but last night I also finished a 4th - Portal 2 - its close enough to July that I'm counting it!

    Errgh. Monday.
    Thankfully my morning was made awesome by listening to Gamma Ray on the way home this morning.

    Shameless Gaming month is over and I didn't actually finish any games. Sorry Bunny.
    I'm okay with this though because it's pretty much been Shameless Gaming year for me. I haven't played any games that came out this year yet, instead working through what I already had, and buying older games I've been wanting for a while like Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood.

      Hey strange - i'll be sending off that tee to you still - sorry for the lateness

      send it to the addy that your hubby put on the back of the post envelope you sent me with austpost?

        That's the one. There's no rush.
        I've still got a backlog of projects to complete, even though I've actually had better luck with Shameless Sewing than Shameless Gaming. :P

      That's okay, you made up for it by hosting a spectacular meat.

    Well, despite almost being carted off to hospital because of a bad case of influenza, I actually managed to finish a game from my pile of shame. Saboteur has finally been beaten.
    When I started playing this game again, I had forgotten how much fun it was, I think it was a case of, I picked up new games it got pushed to the side, instead of me losing interest in it.
    Now, until Deus Ex comes out, I think I might concentrate on those games where I only have a few achievements left to get, like that damn DAII that wont recognise my rivalry with fenris, that bloody elf hates my guts but the damn rival acievement wont unlock. Grrr.

    Would I be perma-banned if I said I enjoyed Transformers 3? :P

      I dont understand why I was the only one laughing at Transformers 1 and not with it when I saw it. So I cant really forgive anyone for liking any of them. But I'm mostly alone in this angry little corner of mine...

    Shameless gaming has come to a close and at the weekend I managed to finish off all bit the final boss battle in LittleBigPlanet 2.

    Final tally is:
    L.A. Noire
    And most of Alice 1.

    My sister offered me use of her laptop so I thought I'd be able to hop on steam and chat with the pessimist and maybe play some SMB. Last minute change of plans, she lets me borrow her BF's parent's virus ridden tower.


    Turns out they had taken it back to Harvey Norman where the IT specialists had installed every antivirus, antispyware, antiadware, registry fixer they could think of. When that hadn't worked, they called it a bust. My monumental task began by removing all the shit they had installed.

    The ware was quite novel. It had it's own fake BSoD that told me to register my copy of Total Security post haste.

    Took most of the day running software in safe mode to get rid of all the evil little SoBs. Seems to be working now.

    It's funny that my sister really thought the desktop would be a better idea. She was quite surprised it wasn't up and running after 5 minutes.

    So that was my weekend, plus some other stuffs.

      It's moments like that I create ghost images of the drive then format. Install AV software then use a ghost explorer to pull out the files you need (as you need them if required).

    I spent all weekend watching the livestream of EVO. SSFIV all saturday and MvC3 all of yesterday.

      My final push in Shameless Gaming was completely ruined by the madness that was Evo and MLG.

      No a single regret to be had.

    Following in the footsteps of Blaghman, Patron Saint of doing it all wrong, I managed to finish no games this month, and instead got 8 new ones...

    Gah.. 1.81 from 271 votes...
    no threadless for me

    Still 4 more days left, but with that score it would take a miracle at this point

    Maybe i should try splitreason instead... hmm

    Anyway - had a full on weekend - took bee's little brother to the footy - he's a geelong supporter so was happy with the result, but my god was it a dull game to watch in most cases. There were, however, some fantastic goals and ripper tackles. A bit of biffo too.
    Essendon i'm less happy about...

    Also, while he was over, i cracked out the warhammer mini's in the first time in a couple of years and taught him how to paint some cadian soldiers. He's 8 so he gave his a zombie head. Pretty good full overall, so i've left the stuff out to finish painting my corpse cart, which i've been meaning to do since i got it years ago for a birthday from bee.. so that should make her happy.

    Also study

    So damn much study

    I've even bought my bus'law book to work with me so i can highlight during my break.

      This sounds like a job for SPAMTOD!!!!
      But seriously, why on earth are people rating it so low??

        I'm guessing a combination of people having NFI what it means, feeling vaguely threatened by the Christian-like slogan and the horrendous model and positioning of the design. :-(

          Unfortunately all of those are so damn true :( *sniff*

        Threadless people have a very particular idea about what they like, and unless it's done in a real clean vector style cartoon it really doesn't usually involve games.

          Very very true.
          It's very hipster most of the time

          The again, them not getting it should only make them like it more!!

          "i'm so hipster i'm wearing a tee even *I* don't understand"

    O, hai dar!


    I don't like Mondays.

    Tell me why?

      Do you want to shoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo-hooooooooooot...



      The - whole - day - down?

    Normal weekend here. WoW raid into Firelands followed by doing dailies in game. An evening of babysitting while playing games (started Batman: Arkham Asylum again for the 80th time) and watching video rips from That Guy With The Glasses. Sunday was MMA day watching Strikeforce with friends on skype then more WoW & Batman. Ended things by watching the Cathrine endings on YouTube since I won't be buying the game (played the demo, hate the gameplay but love the story)

    Right here goes uncharted movie, Nathan fillion I must be the only person who thinks this but he should not be cast, keep the b stars in the b titles. Now it's being directed by Neil burger so my bet is on Bradley cooper being Drake. Anyone seen limitless, I'm assuming they have a good rapport.

      I don't think Fillion is ideal. Joe Flanigan FTW

        Joe Flanigan/Colonel Shepard would make an awesome Drake

      Bradley Cooper would be pretty good as Drake.
      But Fillion is where the love is at.

        NO! No he wouldnt be! I HATE Bradley Cooper! RAAAAH! Well the movie is gonna suck anyways so meh. Haters gonna hate.

          I'm starting to wonder if you've ever seen a film you actually enjoyed.

            Haha, yeah there's... some. They are out there. It's just that generally the better films dont have any marketing budget, hence why they never get talked about in here.

              Are... Are you a hipster?

                Cracks! How dare you! Well... I'm pretty sure I'm not. I just tend to like films that don't have millions of dollars injected into marketing.

                  And in all fairness, this thread started about Uncharted, and really... when was the last time there was a good film made based off a game?

              I'm sure there are people in here that would be willing to talk about films that aren't directed by Bay, Lucas, Ratner, etc.

                Noooo I know there are, actually that came out a bit more snobbish than I meant it to! I just meant that generally films with more marketing get known, plain and simple, so I understand why they get talked about more.

    Anyone else seen Captain America yet? I'm curious what others thought of it. I liked it. Wasn't as good as the Iron Man films but was on the same level as Hulk and Thor. Some of it did feel poorly edited though. Loved the little trailer for The Avengers that played after the credits.

    Also like any cinema experience it was slightly marred by other people who don't know basic cinema etiquette such as not playing a drum solo on your leg during the middle of the film.

      My viewing of the Two Towers was marred by a gigantic samoan woman who fell asleep behind me and started snoring. Right in the middle of the Battle of Helm's deep. I moved, but still....everytime I watch an epic battle, whether is be LoTR or not, I remember gigantic snoring samoan woman....

        The best solution to annoying theatre residents is to be the most obnoxious person there! At least I have the decency to whisper my snide comments, not yell them so the entirety of the theatre can hear it...

      I agree with the editing!

      There were parts that felt a little jump-cutty. But that montage in the middle was amazing. Jumpin' motorbikes and sh!t.

      Also, eff cinema patrons. Going to the cinema is like being in a melting pot of cultures.

      Bogans, Hipsters, Skanks, Younglings, Bogan-Skanks with younglings etc. It feels like each group is just waiting for someone to yell "WAR" and a massive brawl will break out.

      I will say this though, have people always smelled that delicious? I can't remember smelling so many good smells in public before.

      One time in high school I was in a play and the girl me and my friend had a crush on was in the wings with us. I was paying attention to the going on on-stage and I turned around to see him, leaning forward and sniffing her hair. Like, really sniffing it.

      I always wondered what would've happened if I'd told her he was doing that... They probably wouldn't be married now...

        That montage...


        I was like "hmmm, the only way they could do this is with a montage, righ- HOLY SHIT IT'S A MONTAGE!" But then, the montage was basically if you got Team America, removed its actual montage, and then compressed it down... I dunno, I liked the montage, I love explosions, and motorbiking away from explosions, but it just seemed a bit out of place.

        Don't forget the underage skanks that dress inappropriately :P

      Was liking it up until he became Cpn USA. Then it was extreeeeemely boooooring. Pew pew, more pew pew, end of movie. Hmmmmmmmmm... yay.

        You do know you were watching an action movie, right?

        I loved it, good mix of the old and the new and they managed to capture the reasons I like Cap America(hated him for years, Brubaker changed all that!).

        I think all of these New Marvel Studios movies have been superb (not the greatest FILMS, but good adaptations)! Except for that last hulk, was a bit meh, some fun scenes though.

          OK, buuut... I've seen plenty of action films that have managed to at least have a story, and characters that are relatable and realistic enough to care about. These were just cardboard cutouts. Dancing around. Pretending to cry.

    Well after some thorough searching on google for my solution to my loading time/freezing problem on LoL, a specific point to kaspersky that could be causing it. I'm guessing it's the application protection, that gave me crap when I first went into a game. Unfortunately I may have to disable it when I go through my League of Legends games, but hopefully just my application protection feature and not the whole thing.

    In other news: Holy crap my tweaked Warwick build is so darn awesome, too bad we ended up losing that battle, better luck next time chaps.

    Oh and I still won't get HoN now that it's become F2P. It's a little too late for me now that I'm hooked on LoL and its unique champion stat system, not using a cloned DoTA hero system (Str/Agi/Int based) where they didn't have the limits of Warcraft 3's system and also directly cloned the DoTA heroes. Sorry Harli and Tad :(, the first impressions really hit me hard in my power supply, which you humans would call a heart.

      Free to play huh? Damn I might just be tempted to try this now - while I am really enjoying LoL, I'm an original DotA player and miss certain aspects such as the original DotA heroes and denying.

      Don't worry though Techy, will still play LoL if you ever need a pro Veigar :P

    Thought I'd draw people's attention to this article hiding on the weekend pages (I never saw it during the weekend either)

    Apparently The Gunstringer is now a Retail title and will come with a free download code for Fruit Ninja Kinect!

    You know how some people smell phantom smells or feel phantom limbs after they've been amputated?

    Well, on the weekend I really, Really wanted a lamington. Like, to the point that I was gonna cook one myself. But balls to that, I ain't got no coconut in the house, plus I live really close to a place that makes lamingtons with Lindt chocolate.

    So I saddled up my sausage dog and made my way down, only to find that there were none left. I asked the girl behind the counter why there weren't any, and if she knew when there were going to be more. She didn't answer me, probably because I muttered the words to myself as I walked out. Also she's was deaf.

    Once I thought she was rude and was listening to her iPod at work so I called her on it. Apparently they were some sort of hearing aid. I asked why do they look like Apple earbuds? She didn't hear me.

    Anyway, they had no lamingtons so I went home, defeated.

    That night though, something amazing happened. I was lazing about, casually teasing my sausage dog about looking like a hairy turd when I burped. The burp tasted exactly like a lamington. I was in heaven! I burped again. There it was, the coconut, the chocolate, the sponge, it was all there.

    I called my sweet-lady over, burped in her face and asked her what she smelled. She was so shocked by the delicious scent of lamingtons she told me to f%$k off and that if I did it again, I could find somewhere else to live.

    So that's how I spent my weekend because finishing HomeFront ruined gaming for me.

      I think I want daily updates on your life :)

    Protip: Don't ever try to one-up AP.

    Also no games finished for last month. No pineapple for me.

    Was online too late friday for TF2, so apologies to Harli and Pessimist who were organising. I decided to sneak over to my parents after training to steal some dinner, and ended up getting held up by my grandparents for 2 hours:

    Nan: Oh this photo was when you were 5, I remember because I sang at the country music festival and won a trophy. Thats the trophy up on the cabinet there. That cabinet was hand-made by my grand-dad. He used to love...
    Me: Ok, thats great, I really have to lea...
    Pop: I remember that festival! I was wearing my garlic belt, which was fashionable at the time. Also served to keep away vampires and communists who were...
    Nan:Oh that silly belt, want to hear how your pop got it?
    Me: No
    Nan: Well it all started with....
    Me Noooooooooooooo!

    Only got about 4 hours of gaming in over the entire weekend, which were spent in LoL. Lost saturday playing football, saturday night celebrating a win (tough game against one of the top sides, so sore today...) and sunday morning recovering from said celebration.

    Also, pineapple count finished at one (Prototype). I got 90% through several games but have a hard time focusing on one :/ Dam short attention span...Hey a bird!

      You should try living with granparent's so much worse. I get home from work and sit down for a drink,

      Gran: How was your day today?
      Me: It was okay, i had to do some shit stuff but mostly alright
      Grandad: Your generation doesn't know about hard stuff.
      Me: Grandpa you worked as a bank manager.
      Grandad: Yeah but when i was younger i had to catch my own dinner, or i starved. I had to shot 3 rabbits if i used three bullets.
      Me: Okay,i'm going to my room now.

        Cut the man some slack. You know what he played for fun back in the day?
        With a stick.
        In sunlight.
        Mr 'OMG-This-Altitude-game-is-amazing-I-wish-it-could-have-my-babies'.

          I actually think he never played with hoops and sticks. I think he more enjoyed shooting things when he was younger. He is actually still a keen shot which frightens me cause he hadn't fired a gun for ages till i went shooting with my uncle. Also altitude is amazing i have played so much of that game recently. Just i don't want it to have my babies.

          Sun. Light?

          What is this? Is that like, a really big fluorescent bulb?

            The sun is a lie. Its just all the broken light bulbs go there to get fixed by the giant light bulb overload. He has the head of a eagle at the body of a porcupine. He repairs 900 lightbulbs a minute and tests them, until nighttime when he repairs the fluro tubes.

      Do they serve what your Pop calls a "walking bird" for a meal? Or at least on Thanksgiving?

      Disregard TF2, play Magicka. Much fun was had by all. Much lightning was cast by all.

        Yeah, pretty cool when you're going about your business and you get Lightninged or Crash To Desktoped.

          Especially when your business happens to be trying to lightning or crash to desktop someone else.

    Telstra message to text is a retarded system. That is all.

      i know right,
      My sister rang me the other day and it said hello, can you cake me up bye.

        I can not be the only one who read this and came up with a few dirty jokes that could be made.

    Can’t link my damn nintendo club account to my 3DS, keeps telling me password or email is incorrect and I should go to to ask for my password. That is totally suss because it should say…A frikkin U!

    What the devil is going on???

    (Copy and paste!)

      Where did you buy it from? Is it possible that they've sold you an American unit somehow? Or maybe it's a Nintendo stuffup and needs a factory reset?

        Is from GAME, has a big Aussie classification on the front of the box...

        I will call nintendo hotline...I am dissapoint.

    So bee told me this morning, as we were getting ready, that she heard a helicopter fly overhead and how unusual it was for our area of Geelong.

    I pointed out that it was probably a police helicopter.

    I was close..

    As we drove down our street tot turn out onto the main road, we were confronted with this:


    Pictures of the wreck:

    When we saw the wreck we assumed the guy would have been killed.. i mean look at it.. what a wreck.
    I said to bee the chopper she heard must have been a medical one, which looks like i was right on my second guess.

    Luckily, as you may have read in the article, the guy is still alive.. but it was quite a sight to see this morning.

    Very - VERY lucky individual to still be alive.. but just shows what speeding can do, and unfortunately people fly up and down that main road all the time..

      Over an hour trapped in the wreckage? Those doctors are going to have fun dealing with his blood clots!

        You and your doctor knowledge, Actually probably everyone knows that except for me.

          It's a major problem with cars, in high speed accidents, metal will often pierce the legs of the dirver/passenger. The upside, is that there is typically very little blood, as the metal closes over, the downside, is that the blood that is blocked off goes "stagnant", and can clot. This is only really a problem when you're stuck sitting there for a while, which in this case was what happened. I believe, they often give an anti-coagulant on scene, if they think there's a risk of that happening, but then you run the risk of the person bleeding out if it isn't handled correctly(very low risk due to the whole "paramedics on site by the time this happens").

      That guy is very, very lucky to still be alive. Damn... That's one impressive wreck, though.

    Been watching Evo at work, got the stream working.

    During the Grand Finals of MVC3, I get a call that I have to take, had to work hard not to randomly cheer. Then right as Viscant gets PR Rog down to the last character, my boss decides to duck her head in an ask about that call.

    Poker face engaged, eyes darting back and forth to the screen. Viscant takes it, I finish up my conversation and as soon as my boss's back is turned I do a fist pump.

    Great tournament, here's hoping SSF4AE is even better.

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