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      Holy crap how old is this?! The shop and UI is actually READABLE!

        Did you post the most liked comment Techy :P

          hahaha I don't have an account on Youtube so I can't comment :P

            Youtube has comments? I tend to avoid scrolling far enough down to see them. They wrinkle my brain :p

              Yeah I don't read them either, most of them are just fanboy/hate comments and topped off with trolls and dicks with the occasional "oh snap" comments from either smarter commenters or the author of said video

      Srsly... first comment? HoN?



        It has spread...

        Lambo, where were you on the weekend when I was attempting to teach f4ction, Tech and AP how to play?

        Needless to say I'm a sucky teacher and it didn't go well :'(

          I blame HoN.

          Seriously, I had no idea what was going on most of that game. There were times where I had died and it took me more than a few moments to realise :p

          Harli truthfully I thought you did a great job trying to teach us. It's just I had things like the shop not accepting my items to sell them or the shop UI bugging out and everything was physically doubled on my screen. Half the time I had absolutely no idea what to buy, most of the time I was just getting potions and nothing but.

          I did enjoy playing as predator though :)

            However your clan mate made it REALLY hard to enjoy it most of the time with him easily picking Trjn and myself off the grass and trees! xD

              But he was Fabulous!~~

              That taunting stuff was really obnoxious.

                Hahah it's a custom one you can buy (I think it's called the 'Flamboyant' voiceover or something??), the default one isn't really that bad..

                  I seriously wanted to turn that off but couldn't, not the kind of thing I as a newbie of HoN wanted to put up with while we were dying a lot.

                  Really as much as I love Duke Nukem constantly telling me to "Give up already!", I'd much prefer to have that turned off until after I had time to get to know the game :P

                  Also "ooooh! Scary!" almost made me punch the screen :P

                  If the default one is the "Give up already!" then I have to respectfully disagree.

                  That soundbite taunting is just obnoxious, especially on repeat performances. It's like being on Xbox Live and hearing a twelve year old spend the whole game telling you to "eat a bowl of *insert racial slur of choice* *insert slang for male genitalia of choice*".



      If you're wrong I will hunt you down.
      I still need a do-over of last week.

        Never you mind, Lady Strange. Last week was inconsequential.

        This week is where it's at.

      Pez, you say?

        that... was amazing

          Part 1 was even better:

          'Jean Claude, you stereotypically named b****rd! I haven't seen you since the Kevin Spacey look-alike contest of '94!'

            "Hi, I'm creepy as shit. Pls giv me all ur personal deets"

      Methinks next week will be superior, for it is the start of my holidays.

      Or the week after, because it is the continuation of my holidays :p

      I'm at least 3 irish coffees away from believing...

        I had irish coffees on the weekend... yum, I heart baileys.

          I was on Coopers Pale Ale, great beer. Had to have a few due to the All Black winning and my room mate being a Kiwi.

          Luckily I can destroy him on Fifa, COD and SF4.

      I've got a little technique to help make it the best week...

    Oh ye great and powerful TAYers, I most humbly beg for thine assistance.
    I have an aunt who is interested in purchasing an e-book reader and would like to know of some good ones as well as a comparison of details.
    Now as I am still using rune carved stone tablets, with the occasional blood inscribed parchment, I have no knowledge of these e-books, so I call upon the all knowing wisdom of TAY to help me in this my hour of need.

      Kindle's are probably the best. Plus they're coming to Big W at the end of the month.

        Oh and the 3G version is better. Being able to buy books anywhere from your Kindle without having to set up wi-fi is more than worth the extra cost.

          My most sincere gratitude Strange First Lady of Kotaku, thine words of wisdom will serveth me well when I advise mine aunt of her options.

          Argh! This is so confusing! iPad 2 or kindle? Why most both have good reviews?

            iOS has great games. Problem solved?

            If you're just after an eReader, get a Kindle. If you want to do anything else, get an iPad.

      I have a Kindle. It ranks up there with an iPod in terms of ease of use and ability to do one thing well.

      Can't really say anything about it in comparison to others, but the battery life is amazing (I've charged it twice in the entire time that I've owned it), reading text is pretty damned close to reading text off of a piece of paper and it's light enough to not even notice that you're carrying a library around.

        I thank thee most kindly Trjn of Kotaku.

    Because we're all classy people here, I thought I'd start off the week with some refined humour I've stolen from the Sydney Morning Herald.
    "What do the Herald style-meisters have against the tilde, the squiggly line on top of the 'n' that turns the Spanish letter 'EN-neh' into the (completely different) Spanish letter 'EN-yeh'? Different letters form different words, and substituting one letter for another can cause embarrassment. This was the case a few years ago when the Herald featured a 'Happy New Year' message in 20 different languages. By leaving the tilde off the Spanish word for year, it actually wished its Spanish readers a 'Happy New Anus' "

      Bish, I meant to say, I found this amusing, in a very immature way.

    Played a fair bit of League of Legends on the weekend. Bought my first hero, Janna, who is quite nifty at support.

    Had a couple of really good games with her, going 0/0/19 and in one game that we lost 8/4/18 (stats may not be accurate but are close enough).

    Numbers seems to be starting to get the hang of things. Of course, the LoL gods didn't want to have any of that, so his mouse started playing up late game.

    Seriously though, I'm really enjoying using Janna. Didn't realise that support heroes could be so much fun, even if I am prone to the odd kill steal. In my defense, most of those kill steals are attempts to stop the other guy running away. Not all of them, but most.

      Indeed you were ripping it up.
      How did your PvP match go?

      I discovered that it is really hard to play when your housemate is torrenting and your hero takes 1-2 seconds to respond to any commands.
      I must have looked really schizophrenic with great tactics such as running into the middle of the enemy and casting my ult on the empty ground behind them.

        We had a guy using Brand that really knew his stuff. Did well for a while until the other team's Jax got fed to the point where he was pretty much unstoppable. Then they made their push and we never really got a chance to recover.

        That was the game I went 8/4/18.

        Oddly enough, even with that lag, you were still kicking a fair bit of ass when we did PvE.

          Yeah the lag was a lot worse in PvP.
          And I think I will stick to tanky characters.
          Nothing quite like rollerballing across half the map, headbutting the enemies push and laughing as they grind to a halt.

            or taunting them to stop them from escaping, using your shell to bounce hits back at them. Ahhh Rammus, how awesome you are and how I can't wait to bring you into my team of unstoppable characters.

      Nooooooooooo!!! I don't like this support competition, I'm too nooby to play other classes in PVP.

      Well then again I've nearly got enough IP to buy miss fortune so hopefully I can get decent at her. I figure any class that lets me stay far away from the enemies is best so I don't feed so bad.

        Try Caitlyn when you first get the chance, she's as long range as you can get and her ulti is a sniper rifle shot, red laser point and all. Her auto attacks are the longest range in the game I think.

        I found it really hard to feed while using a Support character.

        I think I might pick up Taric or Soraka for my next hero.

        Yeah Miss Fortune is good and her abilities are great for harassing.

    So, there was talk of a Sydney Meat in August a while back.

    Since then it hasn't been mentioned much so lets discuss.

    Who's up for it?

    There's some 'Vidya game' thing on that we were going to meet up at, right?

      Yes! It's been far too long since we have engaged in group shenanigans.

      I thought we were all waiting for Elly and Mark, and for Tad's parents to organise a chaperone, but to hell with it I say! Build it, and they will come!

      Let's get some dates happening. Who is free when. Are we still doing canberra? Should we plan it around that?

        I'm still up for canberra!

        Not sure on dates. I'm free anytime except the 13th and 14th.

          Well, Canberra is September (unless you started planning a secondary canberra meat without my knowledge(and yes I started planning stupidly in advance)), so there's the rest of August for a Sydney meat.

          Though I probably won't be able to go, due to the fact that I'm slightly broke...

            Well, we totally had secret Canberra Meat plans, and we were all scheming in the underground bunker twirling our non-existent twirly moustaches, but then I was all "Wait, If we're not meeting up with Blaghs... why are we going to Canberra?"
            No one had any reply to that, so we were just all "WOOO SYDNEY MEAT".

      I was actually going to post asking about that. Anybody want to put forward any tentative dates? I'm cool for most weekends.


      Thought I should throw that in before I forget.

      Yea I'm up for it!
      Let's celebrate the awesome Leo-ness :D


      I'm going to Scotland for a month in September, and my familia is here for the next 3 weeks, so it might be tough for me to make it until I get back.


    Started playing Darksiders on the weekend. Not bad, it's basically Zelda if Todd McFarlane redesigned it all during the late 90's.

    Also I had no idea that Mark Hamill was in it. How about that.

      I'm on my second playthrough, trying to 100% it.
      I definitely enjoyed it the first time round, and I don't really mind playing through again, but I am going to be very glad once I'm done.

    Yay, may be on the first page for like...2 seconds.

    Got a question - well two, really.

    I'm sure most of the regulars here would enjoy playing with each other (computer games, guys, srsly).

    Do we/why don't we have a Steam group that KotakuAU people can join and play with like minded people?

    Similar to this - maybe we could have an article once every now and then that allows users to drop their PSN/Xbox id so that people at alrge can add them/we can all generate a nice, fat, list of time zone friendly friends to game with?


      Yes we have a Kotaku Australia Steam group.

      Just post your PSN/Live ID here and people will add you to their friends.

        OK then. My SteamID is 202halffound.

      Yep, we got a Steam group, right here

        Sweet. Cheers, figured there'd be one

      I really like this idea, like a once a month or once a week post where everyone can exchange PSN/XBL/Steam ID's and organise some online fight nights.

        Im hoping that we would get some form of account page so that you click on our names and the details are stored there.

        I was actually going to make a quick gamer profile page and link to it in the website field but have not got around to it yet. Would be good to list gamertag, PSNID, twitter etc.

        If we dont get official support for this idea, I'll make my own,

          I like that idea.

      Man, you can't just completely open yourself up with 'play yourselves', and then straight after debunk any chance of joking about it. That's just teasing.

        Bow chicka bow wow!

          Also on a completely unrelated note, how did you know my bday was on the 4th?! HOW?! Who are you really...?

          Mum? Is that you?

            You had a Birthday?? In that case, congratulations on the annual celebration of your successful parting of the red seas!

              Q, dude. You're out of your element. There was a fake calander with fake months and there were birthdays mentioned and no I did not have a birthday.


                :-/ I go for one week, and I'm totally out of the loop. Therefore, I shall say 'Cabbage' and only I will know the true meaning and will laugh jovially to myself.

    Does anyone have any experience with mini USB wifi adapters?

    My reason for asking is that my lovely gigabyte T1005 tablet netbook has one cardbus express slot. As it doesn't play 720/1080p vids I can put in a broadcom HD decoder, but to do this I will have to remove the wireless card.
    I'm considering doing this but I'm uncertain as to how well these mini USB adapters function given that there's not a great deal of space for any sort of antenna.

      I've found they tend to get really hot. Could be my bad luck...

      I would be along the line of thinking that says if its not a wired connection, you'd be pushing excretions up an incline playing HD video with drop-outs and stuff. Technology has a lot to answer for, Tay should be typewritten only submissions sent in via carrier sloths and printed on a peppermint/tobasco scented toilet paper roll.

        I'm playing HD videos over wifi right now, so I don't think that's the problem.

        From what I've been reading the T1005 has a wifi option, so you should be able to buy the same model internal wifi module and cram it in.

    Next week I start a new position in my organisation that is very much a career change.

    I've been informed that this new position is quite challenging and will take up most of my time, apparently every waking hour.

    As such I suspect it will be unlikely you'll see me active on the boards for quite some time. I'll still drop in when I get the opportunity and will certainly still be reading the news.

    If you see me on Steam, I'm not working hard enough.

      This, is not good news!

      Why is everyone working so hard these days!?? This is Australia!
      *cries uncontrollably*

        No no, it is good news.

        This is a position I've been working towards for a long time, and regardless of the work load, I'm very excited about it.

          But, but, but. Tay!!! priorities man! priorities!!!
          *stares with the 'its hopeless' look into space*

      Congratulations!! Isn't it great when you get the career change you've been waiting for?

      Don't forget us in times of gaming fun or procrastination : )

      I feel your pain, brother.

      I dub thee: ElusiveExplody

      May our elusiveness catch all of our enemies unaware

    Anyone going to Freeplay in Melbourne later on in August?

    Some of the conference presentations look great.

      Yeah I was thinking of going and checking out the Arcade Expo and the interviews. The workshops and conferences sound okay, though not sure if I'll go to those.

      Yeah I plan on going, looks like it'll be pretty awesome.

    I feel so energetic, I can take on the day....
    *head desk*

      I'm with you dude, this morning I got to work and had like 4 emails all telling me I'm a failure and shot. Then I had to reply calling everyone stupid really subtle - like. But if I get cranky I will just keep thinking 2 weeks till holidays. Woah also welbot is sending my new computer this week.

        As per your instructions, I sent welbot the correct address to send your new puter too. I cant believe you gave him the wrong address! Silly is you! You live in Pakenham right? ;-)

          You know Q, didn't you get a new GPU just to stop your crazy computer stealing antics?

    I'm back!
    What did I miss?
    Please summarize last week for me my lovable Taybie-Babies!

      In short, we now have instantly approved comments and a report button.

      The rest is not so important and rather hard to summarise because of the instantly approved comments :p

        They scare me. So, if we hit 'report' does the comment instantly disappear pending approval/disapproval from our Allure gods? Also, can we then use it to report ourselves therefore removing the comment after the always inevitable 'submit comment' has been clicked seconds before noticing you spelled 'giant' as 'vagina'?

          I guess?

          Personally, I'm not prone to making such vagina mistakes.

            I once knew a joke about a lady with a giant vagina, I know the punchline was something like there was a cowboy on a horse in there, but I forget the rest. It was a goodun.

      Man, you'd best prepare yourself, some new people have joined the Kommunity, and they be CRAZY.

      Also confusing. Really confusing.

        Why you call me crazy for? :(

          It's a compliment!

          Being crazy is a good thing, right?

            Actually...this is true. Being crazy is awesome. I highly recommend it to everyone who is not already crazy. You're already crazy blaghman so you don't need to worry.

              I'd like to think that I'm so much more than crazy!

      Welcome back!
      Not much happenin' apart from the insta-comments, and everyone is back to decimating Mark on the Remember This posts.

      Plus comments, lots of comments.

        There's no way in hell I can read through all of last weeks Tay. I'm getting old!

        Thanks for the WB's everyone, Tasmania was gorgeous by the way, such a beautiful state! I stayed in a house once owned by the Governor General of Tassie that was (exactly) 100 years old. It was to be honest, a bit creepy, I slept in the servants quarters!

      I missed all of last week as well. What is this... this instant commenting... is this witchcraft? I'm amazed. I'm also fighting the urge to report myself just to see what happens.

    Picked up Impossible Mission off the PS Store on the weekend (it's available there as a mini). Man, I haven't played that since the Commodore 64 days... serious nostalgia going on there. Especially if you play the "original" version, which is really the only way to play it.

    "Another visitor. Stay a while. STAY FOREVER!"


      Commodore 64... now those were the days. I had games in cartridges that went in the back of the keyboard, I had floppy disks, I even had cassette games played with a cassette player. I dont know how that magic worked but it did.

      Wizard of Wor was my childhood. Srsly. This music makes me feel 6 again -

        Oh oh oh! Labyrinth! ZOMG! I could do that text based part at the start in about 5 seconds since I'd done it so many times. Could never get past the entrance to the goblin city though :'(

          Sorry, but International Soccer > all.

          FIFA and PES are for bitches.


            You dont have to apologise, I was there! I had that! So many hours on that game. Did you know you could headbut the ball all the way from one end of the field to the other? It was my strategy.

            Woah.... 17 years later and I still want to play it again... If only we hadn't thrown out our C64... :(

              I did that too :'(

              I was a stupid teenager and mum was cleaning out the garage and was like what do you want with this? And I was like pffft chuck it.

              My god... what have I DONE?! :'(

              Imma gonna scout ebay for a c64 now...

          Also, this...

    I don't know what the majority of you cats do when you get home, but I go one of two ways.

    I either ditch all clothing and immediately wrap myself in my Jedi bath robe, or I leave all my clothes on (inc. shoes) until I fall asleep.

    Now, stick with me here, the details are gonna get a little... blue.

    So, I wear tight black jeans, the kind that cut off circulation to your feet because they're so tight around the calf muscle. The kids would call them skinny, but my legs and lack of any sort of posterior means that even tight ones still have some sag to them.

    I dunno if you've ever worn tight black jeans (the colour's not really a factor), but they have a habit of catching unmentionables (jocks, not junk) when they're being taken off. This is good in the sense that it's one movement for me to be free of all lower-region-modesty-ensurers but bad if I'm trying to get changed in my office at work without telling my boss not to come in.

    Anyway, so last night I was all "It's shower, time" and wrenched my pantaloons off in one fell swoop. "Nice", I whispered and went about whatever it is one does in the shower.

    So this morning I woke up, ready to go to work. I grabbed the jeans I was wearing yesterday and jammed my legs in. They felt tighter than usual, but I just assumed it was because it was cold last night and the denim had constricted.

    I walked to the bus stop, about 5 mins from my place, all the while really noticing that my jeans, particularly my right leg, were strangely tight.

    The bus ride into the Brisbane CBD was without incident. I didn't have headphones so I got to hear some boring pre-work banter from the 'guvment' drones which was painful, but apart from that I just worked on my Tiny Wings score. (180, 000 at the mo, yo)

    I got off at the top of the city, ready to walk across Victoria Bridge. This particular part of Brisbane is where a fair chuck of the cities traffic is localized. The buses use the bridge to get to Southbank, motorists use it to get to the CBD etc etc.

    Now, I'm walking along the busy intersection next to the casino where all the worker bees are getting their caffeine when I can't take the discomfort anymore. Being the stealth operative I am, I pretend I've got an itch on my calf and go in for the scratch.

    Now, I'm not sure how it happened, but the jocks I was wearing yesterday had somehow become wedged in the leg of my jeans and were slowly making their way out of the bottom.

    I don't know if you've ever had to pull a pair of Muppet-branded undies out of your pants leg in a crowded city centre, but take it from me it's not very easy to do subtly.

    And that's how I started my week.

    I also finished Borderlands, yesterday.


      That's about all I remembered from this story.


        Effing stoopid final boss, man. What a let down...

      I too wear tight skinnies and can't say I've ever encountered this problem. How very odd.

      Bahahahaha. Let your story be a warning to us all.

        Dunno, now that I think about it pretty much all my life my jocks have usually been connected with the movements of my pants.

        Like that time in year three where I got dacked, like completely. Everything flying all over the place...

      HAHAHAHA! That's amazing. I even know that intersection which makes it even more amazing. That has happened to me too, but I usually discover said underpants before I leave the room I put my pants on in.

      Also, Hanna? Like? No like? I watched it again because for some reason I am in love. I can't really say why, I just am.

        I lamed out and didn't go.

        I'd promised months ago to pay for my GF's tattoo and she finally made up her mind about what she's getting so I ended up having to deal with tattoo parlour employees most of the weekend.

        But, Ima try and see it this week. You wait, you'll be all feasting on a pastry while smoking a cigarette after finishing a fine wine and I'll tweet yo' punk ass.

          It will be the best tweet receiving ever. I look forward to it.

      Something similar happened during an episode of the West Wing to Josh Lyman's assistant. Except she found out when she received her panties in the mail from the person she was meant to be trying to convince the White House wasn't incompetent (or something like that).

      It probably would have worked out better for her had she worn Muppets branded underwear.

      And I was worried that I was the only one who'd done that.

      The Pessimist was right! THIS WEEK IS BEST WEEK!
      Thank-you for being so unfortunate, DAN!. This made my morning instantly better.



        SCHADENFREUDE! People taking pleasure in your pain!

      This has happened to me, but without the muppets. These days I check the legs after I take them off and before I put them on.

      *does the plainview post sigh*

      *puts on a pot of coffee*

      *starts to read Dan's post*

        Oh it's not that long.

        I use lot's of line breaks to make it look bigger.

        I wish that worked in real life :(

    Lolol, this has happened to me, but for some reason my dryer has a habit of statically sticking a pair of my daughters undies in the arms of my favourite jumper. I'm sure if it were pulled out in the wrong location I could be arrested!

      Whoops! instant reply flail! This was response to DAN! Report Report Report Report!

        I got your back. I pressed report for you :)

          I wonder, if you report a comment do all the subsequent trail of comments that were a reply to it also get deleted? Or are they forever orphaned, seemingly castaway children of the Reply Button?

    Saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. Expected an entertaining romp but instead I got an awesome movie that had me tearing up. WTF it's a film with Jack Black making me cry, something is wrong here. Gary Oldman never fails as a villian. Never. One of the best villians I've seen in a long time. Well, discounting Cate Blanchett in Hanna of course.

      Skadoosh. Kung Fu Panda 2 was awesome. Jaybles is awesome. Much awesomeness.

      I only enjoyed the villain in that film, the rest was not to my liking. Though I must give it to them, there was an extremely low chance of the sequel topping the original

        I dunno, I reckon I might have liked the sequel a little more. Just found the story more interesting.

          Mind you, Ian McShane's character escaping from prison in the first one was downright amazing.

            Haha yeh that was mad

              My second cousin (six year old(at the timeish) girl) was scared by that scene. I lol'ed heartily.

    I'm making a confident prediction.

    4000 comments. This week. Comeatmebro.

      Aware that could be read as 'co-meat me bro'.


        You mean that isn't how it's supposed to be read?

          I guess either way has awkward subtext.

          Uh, I mean, AWESOME subtext.

        I read it as Come meat me bro. I has mad english skills.

          I read that as "mad english skulls" and imagined a couple of angry skulls saying "Wot, wot!"

    Had the most outrageous dream last night.
    It was a terrifyingly brutal horror "comedy"
    I say "comedy" because the humour involved was so dark it made me seriously uneasy. It was so shocking I woke up around 04:00 and my brain wouldn't let me go back to sleep.
    The problem is I can only remember a few details, but I can't remember important things like what/who was killing everyone.
    I do know there was a party, and then lot's of blood (so much blood). There was something very important involving a telephone cord or something... And there was a gas bottle explosion. That was pretty cool.
    But man I was genuinely frightened for my life.
    Apart from the blood the rest of the dream wasn't overly gory, it was just horrific in some deeper psychological way.
    I know all that doesn't really makes sense, but if this dream was a movie people would leave the cinema in silence.

      I had a dream about Inception...

        I had a dream about having a dream about Inception.

      I had a dream last week that I found a video of Half Life 3 on youtube by accident. And I was the ONLY person who knew about it.

      The game looked glorious.

    Well they have finally announced the collectors edition of skyrim and all I can say is... what a bloody rip off!
    An extra $90 on top of the regular edition just for an art book, 30cm high statue and a behind the scenes dvd.
    Now I am a real sucker for these special editions, and if there is one for a game I want to get, 90% of the time I will get the special edition, despite the sometimes horrendous cost, but this is a joke.
    Something like this would normally go for an extra $50 and would also include "exclusive" dlc with it. This is just the book a cheap statue and a standard behind the scenes, arrrrghhh damnit! I was really hoping for something cool and with a somewhat reasonable price.

      I'm going to pre-order the version with just the cloth map. That collector's edition is indeed a mighty rip-off.

        I'm going to walk into EB on the day(after buying the game in JB) and see if I can charm my way into a cloth map. It will probably work.

          The cloth map is "supposed" to be available everywhere with a pre-order, so if you are getting it on the release day just ask at JB, they are pretty good at handing over that stuff even if ya didn't pre-order.

            Yeah, that's true.

            But then I might have to try and talk to the women there, and for some reason they scare me.

              What, women? Yeah they are pretty scary it's true. They have like... different bits. You know, down there...


                  No, no. I can't really describe it. I saw a picture once. I didn't sleep well that night.

          I don't mind waiting so I'm just going to get it from OzGameShop.

      But but but but but but....Dragon Statue! A statue... OF A DRAGON!

        For a hundred bucks

          Yeah nah, I also think it's fairly expensive. I'll probably just wait it out, I'm sure there'll be people on eBay just selling the statue for a much more reasonable price.

    Another weekend of no gaming...Damn physical activity, football taking up all my free time. Also, pain - think I may have a bruised kidney, but it won't be all that bad if it means I get to skip footy and rest (play vidya games) this weekend.

    So, HoN play-date tonight? Haven't got a game in yet but hoping my prior DotA experience will carry me through.

      I'll be on. we're friends now so just shoot me a msg when you wanna play.

    Tiny Tower has ruined my life.

    Enough whiney sadness. Got any Tiny Tower Tips?

      Buy a better game?

        Like Halo I guess? Hardy Har Har.

          I know, I'm hilarious TY ^_^

          But no, definately not Halo. I dun do the pew pew. I am also older than 12.

            *curls up with hands over heads awaiting Halo fans*

              I like Halo. Lots.
              More for the story than anything else. It's a decent sci-fi universe.

    So this weekend I got my PC fixed after being out of service ~ 1 year.

    This weekend I played Minecraft for the first time.

    That's... pretty much all I remember.

    Oh, oh! There is one more thing - Quakecon pack on steam. < $70 for every Quake, every Doom, every Wolfenstein up to and incl. Return to Castle Wolfenstein but NOT the most recent one, every Hexen, the Commander Keen Pack, Brink, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, Ghost Warrior, Fallout 3 GOTY edition, Fallout New Vegas + all currently available DLC, Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY.

    Maybe a couple of other things I've forgotten. I think it's only up during Quakecon so if you haven't already checked it out I think today is your last day to check.

      At one point I spent four and a half days doing nothing but minecraft, only to accidentally destroy large amounts of my own work.

      I hate that game so much because it's like crack and well, it's second only to TAY in addictiveness.

    Hey guys, welcome to another glorious week of TAY. How was everyone's weekend?

    Mine was a bit crap. Had a lot of things I wanted to get done and a lot of games I wanted to play. However my health got in the way. Woke up during the night on Friday with an earache (I used to get them really bad when I was a kid, both ear drums have blown at least 3 times each). This basically incapacitated me for most of Saturday, I managed to get some washing done for my gf and put together the new TV cabinet. Saturday night I attempted to get drunk to ease the pain, this didn't really work out for me so I stopped. Then, Sunday arrived. I'd woken up several times during the night due to the severe pain in my ear.

    Sunday was the day where I had to go out to lunch with my gf's family, then entertain them for a number of hours at home and that night, I had to travel across Perth to pick up a new couch. During the lunch I developed a migraine, which made everything that came after all the more fun!

    Woke up this morning, with both ailments still very much present. I have the day off work and am actually a little excited to have the whole day for TAY. Apart from the doctors appointment I hope to get.

      MMmm, pain.

      Good luck with the doctors appointment HAHAHAHA. Actually, it might not be so bad 'round your parts, but in Canberra we have a slight shortage. Except in my house...

        There's no shortage of doctors in Perth, however they still all manage to be boked out, all the bloody time. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that living in Perth is harmful to your health and people are dying from it every year.

        Except in your house? Does this mean that one of your parents is a doctor? Can they prescribe medication over the internet so I don't have to go to the doctors today?

        I hope I get in today, and they just take one look at me, and then fill out a prescription for some mega pain-killing drug.

          Both my parents are doctors, but sadly they won't prescribe things over the internet, the best they'd do is give me certificates for when I missed a day of school.

            That's still pretty good! Would they give you certificates for days when you just took the day off? Or did you actually have to be sick?

              See below, I had to pretend to be sick! :D

                Pretending to be sick was my speciality when I was at school. Saying that, even with all the days I took off in year 12, and all the periods I ended up skipping and going to the shops, I still managed to pass well :P

                  I didn't skip all that much, I'd turn up to class, I'd be an attentive listener in class, but the moment the school day ended? HA! I never did any work. I only studied for 2 subjects (maths and biology, bio only because I'd ballsed up on piece of assessment so for my year 12 sem 2 exam I studied so I could push myself back up to a "B"), and I did well enough (I was below average for my school, which was kind of embarrassing).

        Now I wonder if you've ever tried the Ferris Bueller method of faking an illness, and actually managed to trick your dad? Or did he squish you like a bug, telling you 'you don't have a yeast infection' and 'that clammy hands is mostly a sign of unwashed teenage ejaculate'?

          I never faked an illness, but I did occasionally make a cold out to be worse than it really was. Because my dad has major germ-phobia he wasn't all that likely to check, so I could get away with it!

      Everyone's getting sick! (And by everyone, I mean you and Trjn)
      It's Insta-Comment TAY Fever*!

      *Not a real illness.

        It's not a real illness yet, but it hasn't even been around for a week yet. I think by the end of this week, we may see some serious health ramifications. Is it possible I contracted my ailment via other people's comments? This is the next stage of viruses, holy crap!

        But seriously, it sucks man. It's the first time I've been sick in over a year :/

      I got quite a bad cold about 4 weeks ago, then after 3 weeks when it was easing off, body decides "Hmm...No I think you need an ear infection to finish this cold off!" and so it was spoken. Last couple of days its eased off. All my shamless games I played sounded so weird with a blocked ear :P

        Haha yeah they would to. Man, where I got seated at lunch yesterday was bullsh*t. My left ear is the one with the earache, and it's blocked and I can't hear a thing out of it, naturally I was on the end of the table, with everyone to my left. My girlfriend's brother was over from Melbourne and hadn't seen me in ages so he was talking constantly to me and I just had to nod and try read his lips to see what he was saying.

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