Team Fortress 2 Secretly Teams Up With Fallout, Quake & Elder Scrolls

The latest update to multiplayer shooter brought with it a few secret surprises, in the form of unique items inspired by those used in games like Quake, Fallout, RAGE and Brink.

OK, so it's a Bethesda marketing stunt (having published the last two Fallout games and owning id Software, the creators of Quake and RAGE), but these are cute enough to walk right on by that.

There are five items in total: the Sniper's Anger (based on the Resistance in Brink), the Soldier's Original (based on the rocket launcher from Quake), the Engineer's Pip-Boy (based on, well, the Pip-Boy from Fallout) and Wingstick (based on a weapon from RAGE) and the Heavy's Tamrielic Relic (based on a helmet from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim).

August 3, 2011 Patch [TF2 Wiki, thanks wtfisthisidonteven!]

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    Oh look, more shit has been added to TF2.. sigh

      Just be thankful it's shit done right, cosmetic Microtransactions are much better than the gameplay altering crap that the others do.

        Don't get me wrong, Ive played 1800 odd hours of TF2 and mapped for about a further 700hrs.. For the best part of 4years I played the shit out of it..

        Sadly, TF2 reached and breached my clutter threshold a few months ago.. It really is a shame..

    I don't suppose you get the Quake item/s for owning Quake?

    people who dont like hats in tf2 don't play tf2 that much. i for one luuuurrrrrv my tf2 hats!

      people that dont like hats stoped playing that much, kid.

        Lol, suddenly he's a "kid" just because he doesn't mind the hats all that much. Whatever.

        I find it infinitely amusing when people still living with their parents call others kids.

        This guy prob hides in his parents basement playing CoD all day, masterbates to hentai and doesn't even go 2 school or uni.

        Hats and TF2 r the thing for grown-ups and normal ppl who have lives u douche.

    I've never understood the big deal with hats in TF2. Why bother? It's not like your opponents or teammates are going to sit around not killing each other long enough to look at one another's headwear.

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