Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us Dammit Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like have you seen any good movies recently? What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last six months?

Last night I finally got round to watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The absolutely horrible trailer had completely put me off, but after the positive reviews starting coming in, I felt like I had to watch it.

And I was totally blown away. The movie has a couple of flaws in execution, and I didn’t think much of James Franco’s performance (strange, since he’s usually stellar), but Rise of the Planet of the Apes had a top notch, watertight script and Andy Serkis really blew me away with the Caesar character. I loved the movie – it’s like ET plus The Great Escape plus Braveheart. An awesome amalgamation of genres that somehow doesn’t turn into the huge mess you’d expect.

What about you guys – anyone seen any great movies recently?


  • I loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Like you Mark the trailers didnt sell it to me, but I gave it a shot and walked away loving it. Other than that, Captain America. I thought it was great, but I always going to love it due
    to my insane Marvel fanboyism.

    • Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there behind my man-love for Hanna. Why would you want to go see a mediocre action film which failed to portray any real emotions from its characters, when you could go and see Hanna. Honestly, I will never understand you theatre goers.

  • Transformers 3 is the only new movie I’ve seen recently. It was quite good. Yes, I know there wasn’t much of a plot, but it was way better than the second film. It even had a plot twist!
    Also, watching vehicles transform into giant killing machines never gets old. Also, there were to scottish transformers in it.

        • Ok, one sec, gotta take off my hipster glasses.
          And then put my normal ones back on.

          Right, well. I personally do not see any appeal whatsoever to the Michael Bay school of film making. When I go see a movie I do not want a script that would make some video games blush, combined with mediocre action, all designed by a man who has no love for the original concept, and wouldn’t understand a dolly shot if it came up and kicked him in the crotch. I can go on the internet and find a video of explosions, accompanied by the sound of a woman moaning. Not only is this more enjoyable, but I feel far less shame in admitting to having watched that than I do to the fact that I forced myself through the first two Transformers films.

          Apart from that, I can’t really suggest to people what they watch, I just wish they’d stop supporting Baysplosions. Seriously, those films are so bad. So, so bad.

          • I think you need a pair of these Blaghman.
            *hands Blaghman realist glasses*

            People will support movies that look pretty and have moderately attractive, scantily clad women in them if you name that movie Transformers and pretend it’s a homage to the source material. I have argued before that clever directors know to attach their names to franchises like that because they can turn a quick dollar – see

            It’s also the reason I disagree with the post by RaygunBrown yesterday.

          • I’m with you Blaghs on this one. Sucker Punch for example, had so much hidden in it, it was interesting. Interesting is what does a movie for me, same old splosions with copy-paste story lines just make me nod off. Hanna will be a high priority, only cause you like it, which makes me want to see it.

          • Sucker Punch was bad dude. That was bad. If Blaghman liked that then I am unfortunately going to have to completely disregard anything he has said in this thread.

          • The action scenes, are the veil. The torture portrayed in an empowering way, even the thoughts that covered her horrors, could be dual layered, and possibly she is not one… Mind you, could be just that Bjork was in it that sold me 🙂

          • Wellll, yeah, she’s in it. Her music anyways. 😀

            BUT, if you have not seen it, you must grab the film “Dancer in the Dark” which actually stars Bjork as the main character, which I though she pulled off surprisingly well. It is a beautiful but tragic story, and the end, especially if your watching it loudly, omg left me with chills which I still feel today whenever I remember it.

            Must See!

          • I own Dancer in the Dark, along with a fat pile of PHAT live DVDs.

            Still haven’t seen, thing #9 or whatever it’s called…she did the music…may have cameod, not sure.. .

          • I’d like to clarify, I haven’t actually seen “Hanna” but in my attempt to channel Sughly I decided that I may as well just pretend like I did.

            And yes, Jassabossk, I did like Sucker Punch. If you wish for me to explain why, I can do so in about 3000 words.

          • Do you still have that review somewheres? I wouldn’t mind re-reading it, as I read long before I saw the film.

          • Well it’s on my Facebook, so I don’t think that it’s necessarily the most easily accessed thing, and I’m not sure people would appreciate an enormous wall of text in the middle of these comments.

          • Michael Bay’s movies are not homages to Transformers – if you want a homage play War for Cybertron which had more plot and backstory in it’s 10 cutscenes than in the whole Bayformers saga.

  • Not much recently, I really enjoyed Paul, perhaps not as much as Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz, but still a great movie.

    • +1 to Paul, that was pretty good. I have no idea when I watched Black Swan, but hey, if we’re talking about that, then yeah, that was just batshit crazy. But awesome nonetheless.

      Rise of the planet of the apes was …. okay. Andy Serkis and Weta are both amazingly talented, and do awesome stuff. But the whole movie itself was, y’know…meh? Not terrible, but not awesome.

    • Paul wasn’t directed by Edgar Wright. I sat through the entire movie wondering what was missing. Looked up to see if he had a hand in it and he does not.

  • I watched bridesmaids last week and i thought it was freaking hillarous . Plus so many cameo apperances. Matt Lucus, That blonde fat chick who is australian and from Ghost rider. Pretty funny to.

  • I loved Black Swan, my fav movie of the year so far. Watching Natalie Portman’s character obsess over getting her routine perfect & the inevitable downward spiral was both mesmerising & tragic.
    Kudos to the movie Incidious also, for being the first movie in over a decade to scare the hell outta me. All without any gore to speak of. A hell of a good movie, but I tell you, DO NOT WATCH IT AT 2AM!! Sleep was hard that night….
    Also I think this has to be said, HP & the deathly hallows part 2 was extremelly ‘meh’
    A big thanks to Hollywood for remaking every old TV show/movie under the sun & releasing unneccessary sequels (Hangover 2 says hi!) You are saving me a bundle by not going to the movies anywhere near as much as I used to!

    • No gore? all those scenes with the peeling skin disgusted me!

      Have you seen Perfect Blue?
      It’s kind of Black Swan the original – Ballet.

      • that should say MINUS ballet, just realised how that post read.

        Perfect blue is an ANIME, not a BALLETT!

        R.I.P. – Satoshi Kon

    • I agree with you on multiple points! I thought Black Swan was fantastic, a really convincing portrait of a tortured artist, and Deathly Hallows 2 was a major disappointment (especially after the decent first part).

      Haven’t seen too many movies at the cinema recently due to having a young baby around, but I did rewatch Inglorious Basterds and was reminded how good that was, even second time around.

  • I saw X-Men: First Class and I’m not sure if I liked it because it was genuinely good (this is a distinct possibility!) or because the entire cast was so attractive (except Kevin Bacon). Yeeeeeees.

  • I watched Hall Pass.

    It was like when I played HomeFront.

    I couldn’t stop vomiting it was so terrible.

    Also, a movie post without Sughly? WHO WILL JUDGE US NOW!!!

  • Enjoyed the end of Harry Potter series and was surprised with Xmen First Class.

    Meaning to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  • Thor and X-Men: First Class are the best ones I’ve seen recently on the big screen. For films I watched I home, I liked Paul, Godfather Part II (late pass anyone?), Raiders of the Lost Ark (late yet again), Joint Security Area (pretty late too)

  • I watched the original True Grit last night with John Wayne. I love his movies and was curious to see how it compared to the newer version.

  • The Warrior’s Way, with Korean actor Jang Dong-gun in the starring role and Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush in the supporting cast.

    Was.. totally not was I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would watch it again. It’s shameless over-the-top action fights sealed the deal for me.

    • The Warrior’s Way was one of those films that cater to a particular subset of people. I liked it. I remember being in a shoe store in the US and seeing the trailer there and me and my best friend looked at each other and were like. Z0mmsGGzz ninjas and cowboys and whooaaa.

      The trailer definitely made it seem a lot better than it was, but it’s still an enjoyable ride.

  • I watched BASEketball. Man is that a funny film. The creators of South Park playing the main roles, one of my favourite films from the 90s.

  • I watched Source Code a couple of nights ago and thought it was a really cool concept and perfectly paced. Didn’t drag on, just non-stop until the end. Great film

    *waits for Blaghman to tear me to shreds*

    • Wait, one sec, I don’t have my hipster glasses on. *Puts empty frames over actual glasses*

      I enjoyed Source Code, but that isn’t to say that it was without its problems. My main problem there stemmed from the ending, I feel like the last 10 minutes of the film were superfluous, and probably a test audience/producer edit. Compared to “Moon” of course it doesn’t really stand a chance, as that is a truly amazing film. I’m personally hopeful for the future works of Duncan Jones, particularly if he actually gets to write his next film. I’m particularly excited for “Mute” because as a concept it seems amazing.

      • Moon does greatly supersede SC in all aspects, but they are fundamentally different films I believe. I remember watching Moon though, and actually feeling so very sad for the protagonist. It reminded me of how I felt playing Dead Space, without the shock of necromorphs falling from the ceiling.

        • Again, I agree with Blaghman! Whats going on! But seriously, Moon was almost the perfect masterpiece, my only problem was it keeps ending each time I watch it! 🙁 But Source Code was an interesting concept, but the idea wears thin in the last 30 mins.

          Favourite movie of last 10 years though would be Hero. Its breathtaking.

      • Pretty much this. Source Cose was great, right until the ending that just didn’t need to be there.

        Duncan Jones is a talented director, even with that somewhat major error, I think he’s done pretty damned well so far.

        • There’s no denying that Source Code’s ending was forced upon it by someone outside the film, production company etc.

          It doesn’t really harm the movie in any way, it just makes you go at the end, oh right, well fair enough. But if you compare it to the ending in Moon then… uh oh!

          • It leaves a bitter taste in your memory because there is a perfect moment for the movie to end on, and then it just keeps going.

          • I loved Source Code. But the thing that bothered me about the ending is (*spoilers*): What happens to the dude that he ‘possessed’? In the reality we start in, everybody dies, but in the reality where he saves them, the guys he possessed still gets screwed out of life!!!

  • I watched a 2009 film that has not been released here or in US and i dont think in UK either??? Could be wrong.

    Called ‘Veronika decides to die’, movie based on a book by Paulo Coehlo.

    Good movie if you can get your hands on it. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and she is quite good in the role. It’s different, but a good movie.

    • Ahh, a film that hasn’t been released here? Yes, this I truly support unequivocally despite having not seen it, or in fact anything about it whatsoever!

    • The other one I watched recently was ‘The Bridge’ (2006), about the suicides that occur on the folden gate bridge. In 2004 there was about 24 suicides, the highest at a single location in the world. Confronting but interesting.

  • Movies in the last 6 months I enjoyed? That’s a tough one because I don’t think I’ve seen much other than Source Code in the last 6 months. If we go back to the movies from last Oscar season (Black Swan, King’s Speech and The Fighter) they were all damned good but they fall outside of the six month window.

    We could count the DVDs I watched in the last six months, which includes Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Spaceballs (oh Mel Brooks, you so funny), Inception, Batman Begins, Dr Horrible and probably others (that’s really on the last fortnight anyhow).

    I think the safest thing to do here is just recommend that everyone watch Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Hilarity.

  • No question, the best movie I’ve seen this year was 127 Hours. It was completely faithful to what actually happened to Aron Ralston, and the scene where he amputated his arm was utterly harrowing.
    I bought his account of the accident, “127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place” as soon as I’d finished watching it; it was brilliantly written, and the way the film took the text and fictionalized it “just enough” to remain faithful yet entertaining was brilliant.
    It doesn’t seem that Danny Boyle is capable of making a bad film, and I’d rank this one up there with Sunshine and Trainspotting as one of his best.
    Also, James Franco rocked in the role.
    Anyone who’s interested in this story should also watch “Dark Days in Blue John Canyon”, a Dateline documentary where they took Ralston back to the canyon six months after the accident. It’s on Youtube.
    A really inspiring story.

  • I watched Terrence Malik’s ‘Tree of Life’. He directed Thin Red Line and The New World – which was a for realz version of Pocahontas, my favourite Disney animation.

    It was typically dreamy, recalling the boyhood of a trio of brothers growing up in suburban 50’s America. Brad Pitt plays a sometimes there, aggressively religious patriarch while Jessica Chastain almost wordlessly conveys more emotion than Planet of the Apes could muster in a single motherly touch or by hanging out the washing. There’s a sense of the minute and the infinite and of a God thats both omnipresent and inert. Theres even Dinosaurs!

    Malick draws a stunning performance out of his child star, and I was found dwelling on the awkwardness of the transition from childhood to adolescence. I remembered moments of my life: pulling legs off beetles, smashing windows and causing injury while play-fighting, such is the sense of familiarity evoked by many lingering scenes.

    I wish however that I walked out early, as in the last 15 minutes the entire dream was destroyed – when in a moment of mistrust of his audience – the reconciliation of a grown up version of the protagonist with his history was painted on as thick and blunt as an airline commercial.

    The stunned silence of a cinema full of patrons was perhaps the strangest moment of all.

    Mixed feelings about this one, both as brilliant and inneffectual as the portrait of God it paints.

    • I saw it (Tree of Life) last week and didn’t speak about it for a few days, even with my partner who saw it with me. I found it really hard work, kind of like a lecture.

      I was really intrigued by the contrast of what I interpreted as creationism/intelligent design and darwinism, and that these concepts don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. Apparently Malick is deeply religious and in retrospect Thin Red Line seems even more so after watching this, but as an atheist I thought it was fairly balanced. I also like how it refused to separate humanity from nature.

      I wouldn’t watch it again.

  • Even though they came out last year I didn’t get around to seeing The Kings Speech or Black Swan until last month.

    Both are excellent movies.

  • Not sure if it’s a great movie, but I’m going to watch Equilibrium soon. Found it from a fan video of one of my favourite bands and it seems decent enough that I’m going to use it for procrastination.

  • ‘The Warrior’s Way’.

    Just a fun, kung-fu-eqsue action movie, with some awesome and adorable characters.
    Some cringe-worthy moments, but it is a great mix of genres, and I enjoyed the east-meets-west side of it too.

  • Two movies ive seen recently are Captain America and Rise of the plant of the apes.

    Rise of the plant of the apes was much better than i expected. Guess the trailer just turns a lot of people off lol However, i dont think it was AS great as people make it out to be. Good but not great.

    As for captain america.. I left the movie and couldnt figure out why i didnt like it. Then it hit me.. it was boring. First 45-60 mins was good but then it just never picks up. Its like the decided to give up on the movie and focus on setting it up for the Avengers.

  • /me pretends to not notice the last 6 months bit.

    Pans Labyrinth, on blu-ray, is a spectacular master-stroke of cinema. The scenes in the tunnel leave you on edge like no other movie in recent memory….

  • Was surprised how decent Rise of the Planet of the Apes was. And the guy playing Draco will forever be a villain I guarantee it.

  • Last film I saw at teh movies was Hanna. Overall decent film though it did leave a few loose ends and was plauged by awfull camera work (They liked to spin around, ALOT)

    Hangover 2 was fun but with Deja Vu. 1993 Tombstone was awesome, and I really wanna go see Cowboys Vs Aliens

  • Hardly seen any movies this year, which is strange because I usually go a lot. But there just hasn’t been much which has caught my attention this year.

    My favourite I’ve seen in the cinema has probably been Super 8 which I thought was good without being brilliant. I loved the general Speilbergian (is that a word?) vibe it had.

    Other than that, I’ve enjoyed re-watching some on BluRay like True Grit and Black Swan in particular, and loved re-watching the Alien Anthology on BluRay. Well, loved re-watching the first 2, put up with the 3rd and forced myself to endure the 4th 😛

  • I’ve seen Transformers 3, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Green Lantern in recent months.

    Whilst story wise Planet of the Apes was superior, I enjoyed each of them for different reasons.

    Hoping to check out either Cap or Cowboys & Aliens this weekend

    • Well I saw Cap last night and really enjoy it. Then again the 4 beers, mini burgers and comfortable chairs may have had something to do with it. Was nice to see a comic adaptation that wasn’t a massive special effects spectacular.

      I’m not so interested in the doco about Arizona immigration laws.
      Think we might be going to check out red dog next week instead, anybody seen it yet?

  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes is in my top 5 all time best movies. They balanced the line between man and ape so well.

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