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A headline on Kotaku today read as follows: I’m Predicting Nintendo Will Never Make An iPhone Game. And it got me thinking - what do you guys think? Will Nintendo ever make an iPhone game?

I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that yes, I think Nintendo will make an iPhone game. At some point in the future. Just to play Devil's Advocate.

I don't think the traditional handheld market is long for this world, and Nintendo must serve its investors first and foremost. Stranger things have happened - Sonic on Nintendo consoles for example.

What are your thoughts?


    Even if they do make an iPhone game (which I think they won't do) it will most likely be a port from an older game like Mario or Zelda.

    They have?

      Pokemon is owned by the pokemon company and published by nintendo, so technically it isn't a nintendo app.

    Honestly, I think no. I don't think they would make a game for any Apple device, it would go against everything they've been saying about the apps and games that are on Apple devices. But isn't there a Pokemon thing for the iPhone made by them?

    If Apple buys them out, I doubt they'll have much of a choice.

    Doubt it, they both would be at each other's necks over who has the patent over "white" being their colour of choice for their products

    Not for a looooooong time. Ninty will proudly fight until the absolute last minute. They may even have a stab at doing there own phone first.

    I don't agree that the handheld market is fading away so quickly, I think there is a lot of talk but until I see some real proof (bad sales at the start of a new consoles life not being good enough - PS3 anyone?) I'm not convinced. embarrasing...

    No, I think Nintendo have a little too much pride to do that.

    Sonic didn't go to any other consoles (except some PC titles) until SEGAs console business was dead, and they remained nothing but a publisher.

    Nintendo will be the same, I don't see any Nintendo games coming to iPhone while there's still a Nintendo handheld you can buy so you can buy more Nintendo games.

    Unless they stop making hardware like Sega, I don't think they will make an iPhone game.

    Nah - i don't think so

    Nintendo is one of those headstrong entities and if they realllly wanted to make a tablet game, they'll make a system to play it on.

    I mean, lets face it - the wii2 is a pretty good testament to this

    They will never make a iPhone game. In the end, they will either build their own handset from the ground up, or I could hope, they would make games for Live on WP7 instead.

    I think everyone forgets just how much money Nintendo has in its coffers of theirs.. So there is plenty of time for them to do a lot of radical things.

    Would Microsoft make an iPhone game? Would Sony make an iPhone game? Nintendo won't make an iPhone game unless there is some sort of partnership formed between Nintendo and Apple.

    Making an iOS game for Nintendo would be an admission of weakness, if not flat out defeat. As long as they have a portable, they will never put their games on iOS or Android.

    Mark is right. If Sonic can appear on Nintendo, anything can happen.

    I wouldn't even rule out Nintendo being the first company to set up shop on the moon, just because.

    if Apple buys them with there big piles of money after Nintendo has a crisis if the wii-u fails to sell.


    Nintendo have always been independent and self-reliant. The day they start exporting IPs or even developing for other platforms is the day the magic dies.
    They know this and will only outsource if they ever get out of the hardware game. And as the only real innovators I doubt there's much chance of that.

    A port of the old Pokemon games would be the most amazing thing ever. It'd be frustrating with the touch screen, but I'd still waste a helluva lot of time with it.

    I remember when phones first got fancy colour screens and all those mobile java games were really popular and people said similar things about gameboys and such.

    Now with the touchscreens it's the same situation again; "Oh look, portable gaming on a device I already own".

    Problem is, it still lacks the perfected controls of a proper handheld and the game content is still boring, typical stuff that can be found for free elsewhere. Plus look what happened when a phone tried to properly take on handhelds, we got the N-Gage, yay for the taco phone.

    Gaming on a phone will always be second place compared to a true handheld gaming system and the only people buying into it are non-gamers, people with kids and mouth breathers.

    Probabably (eventually).
    Not a fan of iPhones. Not a fan of Nintendo. So it bears little impact for me.

    No! Enough of this garbage!! Why Nintendo? Why not Sony or Microsoft?!
    People carry on like Nintendo are dying in the gaming world, when they couldnt be more wrong.
    Real gamers know that this is crap, journo's just wanna see Nintendo fail in my opinion. And im f***ing sick of it

        Ok then

          I'm with you bro, Nintendo make more money per game and per console than any of those other fools, and people hate it.
          "The critic hates most, the beauty of the idea he wished was his."

          Haters gonna hate, but they probably just have a smaller penis than you- so don't stress.

    I'd say it would happen if Nintendo stopped making hardware and became a software only developer.

    But I think it's more likey that if Nintendo stopped making hardware then they'd probably stop making software too and just close up shop forever. They always seem to go it alone.

    Back in 2006 Nintendo released a Pokemon game exclusively for mobile phones titled "Pokemate" which was developed by Square Enix:

    MAKE no. but they might perhaps license characters/series to 3rd parties who would. cdi Zelda

    I think Nintendo will first come up with a plot to get rid of that Jobs guy..... :)
    Nintendo will license stuff out. Eventually. Don't think they will actually develop for in house though.

    I agree entirely that the 'traditional' ie dedicated handheld is past its used by date, however I think (furiously hope) that Nintendo have the sense not to cheapen their gaming experience by putting their much loved franchises on ios. A few old school rpg's aside, I have found iphone games to be merely time wasting substitutes of games that have none of the depth or quality of a good title on ds or psp; and much of that stems from the fact that I want 'real' buttons and thumbsticks. Hold off Nintendo, apple is moving in the right direction but I think what is really needed is something in between an iphone and a vita.

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