Tera Online Rallies The Troops In This Triumphant Trailer

Tera Online Rallies The Troops In This Triumphant Trailer

The Gamescom trailer for Tera Online sees the seven races (well, five of them) of Tera banding together to face off against impossible odds in order to keep a pair of titans from waking up and ending the dream that is reality. No pressure.

That’s the story behind Tera Online, the action-packed South Korean import MMO coming to North American and Europe next spring. The entire world is the dream of two sleeping titans, and the seven races are fighting to keep them from waking up and destroying everything. Who would want to destroy everything? Evil, of course, because evil is a dick. I hear high-end raid content includes a fight over a giant snooze button. I might have made that last bit up.


  • Did anyone else find it odd that in a video about “healing” she didn’t cast a heal spell once? Also, why is she standing in the frontline at the end? Healers should be hiding in the back dumbass!

  • Saw this a week ago. Sucked then, sucks now.

    I am looking forward to Tera for it’s combat and politics – but their trailers really suck.

  • Soo… is it rather convenient that the loli class wasn’t show in that trailer at all? xD

    Btw that clip only technically shows 4 out of the 7 races =P

    The male and famle are both Castanica’s the High Elf isn’t shown either xD

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