The 15 Greatest Pros Come To NBA 2K12

The 15 Greatest Pros Come To NBA 2K12

Before Air Jordan, Converse was the top brand on the basketball court, singularly identified with Julius Erving since his ABA days. The only way I’d have a bigger shoe-gasm watching this video is if Dr J set those kicks down on a red-white-and-blue ball, and the camera raised up to reveal a New York Nets uniform.

But this’ll do nicely. Erving joins fellow Converse spokesmen Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, a skyhooking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and a shoe salesman from Wilmington, N.C. who logs a lot of flight time, name of Jordan. NBA 2K12 arrives October 4.


  • Also, I guess its a bit of a big ask, but I did mention that they have left out any mention of era specific commentary. 80’s NTSC look is great and all but its kinda ruined if you have the same old commentators.

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