The Art Of Steel Battalion's Heavy Metal War

Capcom's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for the Kinect paints a grim picture of a future U.S. blasted back to the Industrial Age and plunged into war. These striking images tell the story of the brave men fighting for our future freedom.

When I first saw the original trailer for the new Kinect-driven Steel Battalion I figured Capcom was taking us on a tour of an alternate past. This morning's Gamescom trailer proved me wrong. This isn't an alternate past, rather an almost post-apocalyptic future where humanity's reliance on gizmos and gadgets has been proven to be a generally bad idea. Take away my video game consoles and all I have left to do is fight.

Well, fight or nap, but no one wants to play a video game about America napping.


    These aren't new screen shots, these have been out for ages.

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