Brave Firefighting Aliens Of Titan Are The Real Heroes Of Sprinkle

Brave Firefighting Aliens Of Titan Are The Real Heroes Of Sprinkle

That humanity, always screwing things up for the little blue guy. The inhabitants of Saturn’s moon Titan lived in peace and harmony until human tourists accidentally set the place of fire. Typical. Good thing they’ve got some of the finest water physics yet seen on an Android device at their disposal.

Mediocre Games keeps its name ironic with its big release for Tegra powered Android devices (and iOS), Sprinkle, a simple game of physics and firefighting with fluid so dynamic you’ll fear for the safety of your electronics.

Your goal is to aid the alien fire brigade in putting out the fires caused by falling meteors, the result of a ship filled with human tourists crashing through Saturn’s rings. The back story is really just a means to establish that humanity, as a whole, is a giant arsehole.

Once that’s established, the fun begins! Through 46 levels your little blue firefighter will travel, intelligently utilising his limited water supply to douse roaring blazes before lives are lost. You control the elevation and angle of the water-delivery device, using the unleashed fluid to move blocks, manipulate obstacles, and generally fight fire with physics. The less water you use, the closer you are to getting three droplets for the level, droplets being Sprinkle‘s version of stars.

Shooting water is entertaining, especially when it flows and behaves as well as it did on my Xoom tablet. The only problem was I was so enthralled with soaking everything in sight I often blew my entire load before quenching the levels burnination. This is a metaphor for something. I’ll figure it out later.

Sprinkle is available now in the Android Market for $1.86, or you can wait for the enhanced version Mediocre is working on for NVIDIA’s Project Kal-El, the next-generation Tegra quad-core processor, with water 10 times as splooshy as it is here. We’re quickly approaching maximum splooshiness people. Where do we go from here?

Sprinkle [Android Market]

Sprinkle [iTunes]

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