Classic Magnum Returns In Upcoming Halo: Reach Title Update

At PAX's Halo-fest, 343 Industries detailed a coming title update for Halo: Reach, slated for release sometime in October. The title update will balance several of the suit abilities, changing armour Lock's damage absorption to be based on the amount of energy a player has remaining. It will also shorten the duration of Active Camo and allow for configurable reticle bloom.

But the addition that will make diehard Combat Evolved fans happiest is doubtless the return of the (borderline ludicrously) deadly Magnum pistol from the first Halo game. Its presence will be entirely optional, so players can decide whether to include it on a game-by-game basis. But for any who want to recreate the pistol-blasting mayhem of the original game, it's going to be a welcome addition.

Pistol fanatics -- and I know a few of 'em personally -- rejoice. Your overpowered murder-tool of choice is making a comeback tour.

Image: Halo Nation


    It's funny how gamers are in favour of broken/overpowered weapons for them to abuse. Personally I'd like it if all weapons were balanced and the better player was the person who knew when to use each weapon and where.

      Many like the Magnum simply because of it's effectiveness in the original campaign. Some people would say the Magnum is a powerful starting weapon that evened the odds against players who possesed power weapons. I think there is a real danger in including CE's Magnum with Halo Reach multiplayer though. The orginal Halo CE multiplayer was LAN based and so the hitboxes weren't much bigger than the actual models themselves. Less autoaim, bullet spread and nill bullet magnetism actually mean't it took real skill to 3 Headshot kill someone with the M6D in CE. In Halo Reach, the hitboxes are larger and without Reach style accuracy bloom I think it would actually be more powerful in Reach than it ever was in CE multiplayer.

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