The Cosplay Of PAX: Day One

You can't have a video games expo without the cosplay, and PAX's attendees are pulling their weight. So far we've managed to spot Duke Nukem, Robocop, Uncle Sam and Jesus. And when's the last time you saw all those guys together? Those four, plus a lot more, in the gallery inside.





Assassin's Creed

Duke Nukem

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Gears of War

Jesus Christ (or the icon for Very Good karma in Fallout?)


Professor Layton

A bottle of booze from some role playing game.



Steampunk cosplay

Anonymous, Marty McFly and ...

Lady Luigi



Aliens: Colonial Marines

Star Wars

Uncle Sam


    The guy with the purple 'blob' on his head with the tentacles is a Hannar from Mass Effect, and the guy with the purple jester-like outfit is from NiGHTS.

      Probably my favourite of the lot. Would have been amazing if the cosplayer stood in a corner shouting about the Enkindlers until he was escorted out by Gamescon security.

        I wonder if he introduced himself by saying "This one's name is _____".

    The last one is ryze from league of legends

    the guy with the green head in a suit is a variation of green man from always sunny in philadelphia

      Uhhh no, he is Anonymous.

      No, he's the embodiment of "Anon".

    You didn't mention Juri....

    Is it just me, or does Professor Layton look like the gay kid from Glee?

    Why are there ALWAYS girls at cons who cosplay as mario or luigi? It's kinda odd

      Same reason there are ALWAYS people that are too fat to be the character they're cosplaying; it makes them feel better about themselves.

    I Think the uncle sam is meant to be uncle ryze from LoL:

    The Brink one is from brink - the mask is quite distinctive.

    The Robocop one looks great, and I give props to tingle for being a brave enough man to wear the costume

    Bayonetta looks like she just saw something she shouldn't have.

    The guy next to Anonymous and Marty McFly is Jack from Mirror's Edge.

    The Hannar made this one chuckle.

    I would love to wear the uncle Sam costume a point at every one

    lol @ the worlds nerdiest assassin's

    Owen needs to work on his video game references.

    Story of a cosplayer's life

    The Uncle Sam (while it is Uncle Sam), It's accually Uncle Sam Ryze from League of Legends.


    Stupid beer bottle. CHA is the abbreviation for Bharisma, not CHR.

      It's CHR in Fallout, which is where the bottle is from, as well as the Vault Dweller next to it.

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