The Crazy Video Game Post-It War That's Spreading Across Europe

It all began in Paris, at Ubisoft - the most French company in the history of France. Apparently employees began creating video game characters on their windows with post-it notes. Before long the company opposite began creating their own in response. Then another company joined in the fun. Soon it began spreading across the city of Paris - now the craze has spread to London and Berlin! Those crazy Europeans, what will they do next!

We have a video report of the whole situation above. But be aware - it's very 'Franch'!

Quand le jeu vidéo inspire une guerre des post-it à Paris []

Thanks Chad!


    Dam Franch. This is awesome, may have to do one on my wall.

    They're pretty pixelated. Someone should really be working on improving the resolution.

    Everyone in Sydney grab some post it notes and meet at the Opera House

    The company opposite is (surprisingly) the bank BNP Paribas who, under most circumstances, have no sense of humour. Man, those guys don't even know how to do internet banking. THE FOOLS.


    (old pop-culture reference is old)

      'Allo, 'allo!

      Hey they banned them from Facebook, they had to do something with their time. What'd they expect, they might work?! :p

    Haha, the French sont très cool! :D

    I'll probably do this in my office next week. I have tons of post-it notes.

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