The Delightful Booth Companions Of Comic Market

What cosplayers wear at Comiket aren't the only colourful clothes at Japan's biggest self published comic fair. The outfits that the booth companions don are just as fetching.

Not all the booths at Comic Market are, well, for comics. Erotic game makers also show up at Comiket in full force.

I've said this before, but what separates the Comiket booth companions from, say, typical booth babes, is that they don't just wear sexy costumes. They dress as characters, bringing together cosplay and game promotion in a way that surpasses skimpy outfits with game company logos.

It makes sense that the booth companions are more cosplayer than booth babe -- some of them are actually famous cosplayers!

This year's Comiket saw a crackdown on cosplayers' costumes, but that didn't stop provocative outfits.

暑さもふきとぶメシアの微笑み!企業ブースのコンパニオンさん 【コミケ80レポ】 []


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