The Fancy PC Cases Of Gamescom

The Fancy PC Cases Of Gamescom

Germany being mad for the PC like it is, there are a ton of PC accessories, peripherals and other pieces of kit available at Gamescom. Easiest on the eye are these, the PC cases.

These are some of the nicer ones we saw during the show. Note that these aren’t custom or handmade ones; they’re all commercial units that were for sale. Oh, except the bike.









    • Just read the article and the second one is a customised Xigmatek Elysium, it may have been for sale at Gamescom but it’s not a commercial catalogue product.

    • I’ve got the white Phantom at the moment and it’s one of the better ones I’ve owned. Roomy, cool and easy to clean.

      • Yeah I’m in the middle of doing up the black phantom. I’ve got the fan grills and black striping painted red now. Just gotta order a bunch of red led’s for the fan controller and power/reset buttons and do a bit of trimming with the dremmel then get the rest of the internals happening.

        • I ordered the second 200mm fan when it was still new, and just after they released the one with blue LEDs. -_- fml

          • It could be worse, you could’ve ordered fans made by another company only to find out that NZXT didn’t use the standard hole placement for them. Or a fan for the front of the case only to find NZXT drilled the holes for their thin screws instead of the standard fan screws that have been an industry standard since forever. 😛

  • Hooray, another batch of cases in hideously angular shapes.

    I understand we all want to feel like we’re superior to those Apple guys, but would it kill us to have cases in shapes that DON’T look like they still have half the packing material attached?

    • There are plenty of options on the market like that…Antec, Corsair, Fractal Design, NZXT, Silverstone and quite a few others have plain simple cases.

      • absoloutley right, Achenar obviously doesn’t understand the target market of gamescon or the current pc case selection.

        • You’re right, I obviously don’t! It’s a good thing I haven’t recently bought a case for a new gaming PC…oh wait.

          There are a couple of options out there (I’ve got a Fractal Design Define R3) but not all that many that are also serious cases. The industry seems to have decided that big, blocky, and angular is the way to go – and sucks to be anyone whose tastes run otherwise but also wants a case with clip-in drive bays, etc.

          The Gamescon market is no-where near as monolithic and hive-minded as you seem to think…

          • NZXT Whisper
            Antec P193 V3
            Antec P183 V3
            Antec Atlas 550
            Antec Sonata
            Pretty much the entire Lian Li catalogue
            Corsair Obsidian or Graphite range
            Silverstone TJ07
            Silverstone Fortress range
            Fractal Design range.

            Each and every one are serious cases, all with simple straightforward designs…

          • +1

            I play games and like a high spec machine, but I also do a lot of recording and audio work and would just feel like a douche if someone came over to do some work with me and I had any of those cases! 600T for me next, please.

          • Something about photos of a lot of gaming cases makes them look cheap and tacky but in person most of these cases look quite nice and aren’t as “out there” as they may appear. The exceptions being the BitFenix (photo 3) and the yellow/black InWin (photo 4)

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