The First Look At The Call Of Duty Convention

The First Look At The Call Of Duty Convention

It’s not a good look. But it is a look. From Sept, 2 to Sept3. 3, one of the world’s most famous games, Call of Duty, is holding its own convention, Call of Duty XP.

In the photos, there are Xbox 360 consoles and monitors. And there are large displays and lights.

Tickets are US$150 a pop with all proceeds going to the the game’s own charity, and they include a copy of Modern Warfare 3 (probably a paid voucher), the world’s first hands-on with MW3 multiplayer, live-action MW recreations, and Kayne West. No, you cannot take Kayne West home. Well, I don’t think you can.

Be sure to check back for Kotaku‘s live coverage of the event.

Shhh…You Wanna See Some Call of Duty XP Images? [UPDATED] [Kona7s Korner Thanks, Daniel!]



    • because it has enjoyable, adrenaline pumping gameplay and an entertaining, but admittedly trashy, story-line? How dare it!

      Modern Warfare is the Hollywood blockbuster of video games: the enjoyable, decent games that keep the industry alive so as to allow for the art-house, deep and innovative games to exist.

      • The problem is, atm it isn’t, the studio’s are basically closing down a whole bunch of studios leaving only those capable of cod style blockbusters. Honest, look in the last few years at the studios to be killed off, its horrifying.

        • I agree with this. CoD’s effect on the gaming industry, in terms of the quality of games coming out, has been pretty negative.

          So. Many. FPS. Clones.

          • SO true, look what call of duty has done to Crysis 2. I find call of duty make’s people angry, and most people think they’re alot better at it then they actually are. Red Faction Guerilla was overshadowed by it and that was a game that was actually FUN.

          • Sweet, while kotaku devs are coding that maybe they could throw something in that would allow us to filter out senile ramblings from crazed old pensioners whilst they scream from the rooftops how good BF3 will be with its herp derp destructible environments.

  • I’m glad to see that Astro Gaming is supplying the audio equipment for the event.

    Love their gear, even though I’m a bit wary of their merger with Skullcandy.

    I hope valve does a Team Fortress convention some day…with free (real) hats as swag.

  • [RANT]
    The 13yr old CoD fanboys and the bitter old Battlefield fans are both equally annoying.

    I like both games, I’m in my late 20’s and there really is nothing that any gamer can level at CoD or BF negatively.

    Both have only improved the FPS playing field, each in their own way. Neither of them are perfect and neither of them are the teeth gnashingly-worthy coming of Ragnarok that people make them out to be.

    Yes CoD is played by a bevy of squeaky voiced twitch-happy kid gamers. So was UT back in the day and Q3, as is WoW now, as is any game. Most of the people bitching about the teens on CoD were probably squeaky voiced FPS playing teens themselves. Hell, Counter Strike was overrun with kids! BF2 was sometimes overrun with unnervingly militaristic psychos who obviously wear too much camo when driving to the shops for milk. Whatever, it still was wicked fun!

    Kids are irritating and old people are grumpy, I fall into the latter almost always.

    [/END RANT]

    Otherwise I AM looking forward to more info on MW3, as it is my FPS of choice on X360 and BF3 is gonna be my PC FPS of choice.
    Bring on the CoDCon, it better give me heaps of info and there better be a Steyr AUG or a TAR21 in the game or I will be totally bummed.

    Off Topic But kinda not:

    Am I the only person disappointed in BF3’s weapon list? It’s just AK47 knock offs or M4/M16 styled guns. Dull! Give us more bullpup styled guns!

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