The Humble Indie Bundle Cracks $2 Million!

We've covered the Humble Indie Bundle pretty extensively, so by now you should already know how good a deal it is, and what a great concept the whole thing is - raising money for various worthy causes and all - so we'll keep this one short: The Humble Indie Bundle 3 has just cracked the $2 million mark.

Also - Notch, the creator of Minecraft has finally been overtaken and is no longer the highest contributor to the cause!


    That's unbelievably cool!

    I also noticed that Notch had dropped to second last week when I was showing my mate the website. Some VERY generous people out there!

    So awesome. I can't wait to see how Child's Play does this year.

    Glad to see averages went up, hearing people who bragged about getting all these games for 5cents just made me sick.

    I guess they would've expected that due to the nature of the paying system, but it's good to see those top contributes and it reaching 2 million :)

      yeah that's fucked up.

    Glad to feel like a part of this! *cuddles humble bundle* Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

    I could only drop about five bucks into it, but as soon as I get paid, I'm dropping another fifteen, especially since they included HIB2 into the package as well (for all the people who paued above the average donation). Made me feel kind of cheap lol. Thank god you can add money to it.

      payed, even.

    I felt bad because I only gave $10. I've only played two of the games so far and I'm goig to lay down another $10. Great games, good cause! Win-win!

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