The Lavish Skyrim Collector’s Edition Costs Much More Than $US29

The Lavish Skyrim Collector’s Edition Costs Much More Than $US29

Soaring high above the $US29 price point suggested by Bethesda’s Todd Howard on the wings of a 12 inch PVC statue of Alduin, the World Eater, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim collector’s edition seems like overkill for an indie card battle game.

My mistake! I seem to have mixed up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Scrolls, the card battle game from the makers of Minecraft. Honest mistake. This is the collector’s edition for the next entry in the beloved role-playing game series, guaranteed to devour the hearts and minds of countless gamers on November 11, before moving on to steal years from the modding crowd.

Along with the attractive statue, the collector’s edition also house a making-of DVD and the mother of all art books, a 9 by 12 beast with more than 200 pages of stunning artwork.

The Skyrim collector’s edition can be yours for only $US149.99 this November, or you can save your money and buy almost five games when the prices finally get regulated.


  • EB GAMES HAS THIS FOR $198 AUD?! What is this rubbish?

    I was gonna think about getting this on preorder but that’s just bullshit.

    • It could be worse. $150 US usually translates to some ungodly price via AU retailers. I seriously thought we’d be looking at $250-$300. In any case, hopefuly ozgameshop save the day like they did with the Arkham City CE.

      • What are you talking about it is worse, especially when $149.99 US comes to $143 Aus. Which means Australians pay $50-60 more for the same scontent.

        • No, you fail. He’s not referring to actual currency conversion. He’s point out that regardless of the currency rates we always end up paying more than the US…

  • Brb cancelling my pre-order. Bethesda must think we’re the biggest idiots on the planet. There is absolutely no way this is worth $200. I’ll admit the statue looks kinda cool, but its just a piece of PVC plastic that costs $2 to make. At least make it ceramic if you’re gonna charge $200 for it…

      • oh noes, an opinion that differs from mine that calls out the CE for being the rip that it is. He MUST be a troll.

    • Well I mean you’d expect about $100 for the game itself, then an art book might set you back $20, a nice little map we’ll say $5…that leaves the statue at $75…which isn’t all that much more than you’d pay for any other statue on its own so…it’s not /that/ terrible.

      • At best, judging by CE’s from the last 5 years, it’s worth about $120AUD.

        As for the value of the statue, because of the generic nature of dragon statues it actually decreases the value regardless of being based on in-game 3D models.

  • Hey, I’d buy it. Looks pretty sweet to me, and if you’re a fan of the series, it shouldn’t faze you too much. I mean, there was the KZ3 super duper collector edition with a plastic helghast head that went for $250. [shrug]

  • I wish there was always the option to not get the statue with the collectors edition for cheaper. I like the artbooks etc, I do not like giant silly statues.

    • yeah statues are a major turn off for me when it comes to the collectors edition.

      I cant justify the extra cost of a statue that at best will be on my shelf, but most likely will be in the box in the cupboard.

  • Whiplash – get orf your backside n get into ebgames shop. They are still available to preorder instore…(assuming you only looked on the website)

  • Not worth it at all. You get a better deal and shitload more with a blizzard CE and Cheaper.

    This is not worth the price.

  • I hate art books. It would be easier to have them put 20-40 high res PNG images on the DVD or something. I would be willing to fork out $200 for the PC version but as someone said its sold out 🙁

    I guess Ill buy the steam version. 🙁

  • Normally I’m a sucker for collector’s editions, but that’s just ridiculously expensive.

    And why on earth would anyone buy it from an Australian retailer when you can get it cheaper overseas?

    • The only reason I’ll be buying from EB is so that I can have it the day it comes out. I usually import but this one I must have asap.

  • Whoever buys this is absolutely stark raving mad, paying $155 for a silly children’s toy statue? You can buy Skyrim for $42.99 from and receive a bonus Skyrim premium cloth map.

    The art book and making of DVD will both be uploaded on the internet within a few hours of release and is completely pointless for that reason. The only reason you are paying extra is for this silly statue.

    You can buy Skyrim for $42.99 from

    The only people who will actually buy this over priced pile of concentrated fail are 1. People who have no self control over themselves whatsoever 2. Children using Mummy & Daddy’s money.

  • Considering The same price got you night vision goggles and a lot more with CoD:MW2, Night have to take a miss. At the US price I’d consider it.

  • what gets me is that its a eb games exclusive for the ce I had it pre ordered at for months even before the announcment with the understanding that I could upgrade to the ce once it was announced.

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