The Many Faces Of Commander Shepard, Kickass Space-Lady

The Many Faces Of Commander Shepard, Kickass Space-Lady

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the process by which BioWare is choosing an official female Commander Shepard for Mass Effect. In this piece, I went on a flight of fancy about an imagined commercial that would feature a constantly shifting montage of various Shepards, highlighting the customisability that makes Mass Effect so cool.

As it turns out, YouTube user Sagequeen is way ahead of me, and has made this totally sweet fan video. And OK, OK, I’m not sure how effectively it would sell Mass Effect to an audience that didn’t already know the game, but it is pretty damn cool.

Thanks to Twitter user @PawOfTheSouth for the heads-up.


  • The Internets were right, FemShep’s vocals are awesome. I need to go play ME right now, reroll as a RenFemShep!

  • So freakin’ epic! I gotta get back to my playthrough of ME1, which is also Femshep.

    Lost my save and so Wrex wasn’t in the 2nd one, so had to go back to the start of 1 and re-play through it and make sure he lives, much better for his people.

  • See this was awesome! I just want to say that I love this game and I love the many different ways you can customize FemShepard and MaleShepard. And I was one of the disappointed fans that just doesn’t like the FemShepard art work that was chosen. Now before anyone gets all mad and says it’s because she is a blonde. it’s not, I have many blonde friends. I had a problem with the look. See if you look at each picture closely you will see that it is the same facial structure but different hair and hair color make up and eye color. To me there was no diversity in the look of the FemShepard. But in this video it totally shows the diversity and I just don’t understand why Bioware did pull the art work for FemShepard from all the different looking woman the game already lets you make.

    I mean she looks like she can kick ass, but she is alien looking in the fact that she is not playable in the game. The MaleShepard is playable in the game so I was just confused as to why Bioware took this route.

    But all in all I love the game and love this video!

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