The Microsoft Excel World Champion (Yes, Srsly) Is A 15-Year-Old English Girl

Honestly, I don't know what's more surprising about this story: that a 15-year-old girl beat out 228,000 other Excel fans, or that Microsoft holds an Excel World Championship at all.

The final leg of the competition was held in San Diego, California, where the 15-year-old Rebecca Rickwood of Cambridgeshire, England, racked up a perfect score of 100 per cent following timed tests using Excel 2007. Having been awarded with $US5,000 (£3,061) in prize money, she can now afford to upgrade to Office 2010 41 times. [BBC via TechRadar]



      This article makes my mind and emotions completely blank


      Why is there

      why is this


    So... How does one 'COMPETE' at Excel? In what context is this even concieved of, let alone executed, by a group of individuals?

    ...and why does an attractive 15 year old girl even find herself in such a situation as this?

    Someone should let her know about solitaire or minesweeper or... something. Anything. :-P

    "Competition at making spreadsheets"

    Ahhh...makes....sense.... 0_o

    i think this is just a recruitment drive to employ and expose technical able excel whizzes, wouldnt be suprised if MS or some companies look at trying to hire her

    I think is a big deal to find someone that can perform 100% on the piece of crap that excel 2007 is.

    HINT: Money can make us do Crazy Sh*T !


    Hey guys, at least she isn't wasting her time on something most 15 year old girls are into: Farmville.

    do what you love and the money will come

    Yep real gaming news.

    Excel's a game now?!

    Words have failed me.

    I cannot express the amount of nothing I am feeling after reading this article.

    I'm more of a Microsoft Word gamer myself

    There was that magic carpet game easter egg in Excel 97...

    Those were the days.

    lindsay lohan is epic at Excel!?!?! Who'd have thought????

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