The Most Mythologically Epic Pile-Drive In The History Of YouTube

There are fan videos, and there are fan videos. And then there's "The Ballad of Mike Haggar". Posted by YouTube user Hortyort (whose real name is Glorbus Finn), the video shares an epic poem recounting the journey of Final Fight's arse-kicking mayor as he fights his way to the end of the the game and... well, and beyond.

Like, way beyond.

I can't even pick my favourite part of this. Finn's pitch-perfect vocal performance, the chanting 300-ish chanting soundtrack, or the fact that the story takes a trip to Valhalla and features what has to be the most epic outer-space pile-drive in the history of streaming video.

Until a man stood tall and pledged to pry away the dagger's edge; 'twas truly apt the city's prayer be answered by its very mayor.

Mike Haggar, we salute you.

High-five to OtakuMan24 for the tip.


    Wow, that was freakn epic.

    That was truly epic... I'm in total awe!

    Well done Sir, well done.

    I thought the balrog video the other day was good. That was just amazing.

    The best thing ever.

    Awesome. They right though, Hagar demands respect

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